Corsair introduces wireless gaming keyboard and mouse at CES 2018

Corsair is well known for their high-end gaming peripherals, and at CES 2018, Corsair revealed several new accessories designed with a wireless gaming focus. They’re showing off a new keyboard, lapboard, a Qi-charging mousepad, and two new mouse types.

Let’s talk about what we know so far. 

K63 Wireless Keyboard

First up is the new K63 wireless keyboard. The K63 will be able to connect with an optional wired USB cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth or a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, which is also encrypted under 128-bit AES. Corsair’s focus here is definitely on responsiveness and security for these peripherals.

The K63 will have Cherry MX Red-based keys, (minus the traditional numpad keys) which, while not unique in the gaming world, is less common for wireless keyboards. Additionally the keyboard will have full Corsair CUE software support, meaning that per-key lighting effects and macros can be easily set and managed.

Corsair claims the K63 will have 75 hours of battery life from its internal, rechargeable battery, though we’re curious about what conditions led to this number. For example, does that 75 hours specification include the lights being on the whole time? Hopefully we can get some clarification from Corsair soon, but it's an impressive stat regardless.

Dark Core RGB Mouse

Corsair has also unveiled the perfect compainion for the K63 keyboard in the Dark Core RGB wireless mouse. After all, if you’re going for a wireless setup, you might as well go all the way. The Dark Core features the same three connection modes as the K63, as well as the same secure encryption.

The mouse comes with a 16,000DPI optical sensor, 25 hours of battery life, and has three lighting zones that again, can be controlled by CUE. The shell appears deeply contoured, and the pinky-side of the grip can be fitted with one of two options for users with different grip styles or hand sizes. In addition to the standard left click, right click, and clickable scroll-wheel, the Dark Core appears to have 6 additional buttons, which are presumably macro-programmable.

K63 Lapboard

To compliment the thier new wirelss mouse and keyboard options, Corsair has also introduced a pretty stellar way to pair the K63 and the Dark Core together. The K63 lapboard was designed to snuggly fit a K63 keyboard into a large slot on the left side of the board. The right side appears to be a lightly textured mousepad.

Corsair claims that this mousepad is interchangeable, but we’re not exactly sure what other options might be available. Couch gamers and home media PC users should find this configuration an easy way to interect with their systems.

MM1000 Qi Mousepad and Dark Core SE RGB Mouse

In addition to the Dark Core RGB mouse, Corsair also released a few sparse details on the SE version of the SE. As far as we know the Dark Core SE is more or less identical to the regular version, but also has the equipment to work with Qi wireless charging technology, which is a key feature of Corsair’s new MM1000 Qi mousepad.

I’ll be honest, I personally think Qi is a great technology for “set it and forget it” cellphone charging (and the MM1000 will be compatible with all phones that support wireless charging), but I don’t see the appeal of plugged-in mousepads for wireless gaming mice, beyond the cool factor. Instead of a wire coming from the mouse itself, there’s now just a wire coming from the mousepad. The net number of wires remains the same. I’d love to have one of our readers who uses this kind of mouse setup chime in on some of the advantages.

The MM1000 itself seems fine as a mousepad. It’s got a hard, textured surface, and a rubberized base, with a total surface area of 350mm x260mm. Even if your device doesn’t natively support Qi charging, Corsair has included USB-C, USB mini-B, and and Lightning adapters. If a mousepad that also charges your gaming mouse is your kind of thing, then the MM1000 seems set to deliver.

Availability and Pricing

Corsair fans will undoubtedly be pumped to get their hands on some of these new wireless peripherals. Luckily, the K63 lapboard and Keyboard are already available. The two Dark Core mice, as well as the MM1000 mousepad will be available later this month.

For more, follow along with us at CES 2018 all week long.