Conan’s Clueless Gamer tackles Final Fantasy XV

Clueless Gamer, the beloved video series in which late night host and vocal non-gamer Conan O’Brien sits down and “critiques” the hottest upcoming video games, got a new entry last night in which O’Brien got to play Final Fantasy XV ahead of its launch later this month. As you might imagine, he didn’t exactly enjoy it.

Final Fantasy XV, like many Final Fantasy games before it, is a JRPG which means that much of its gameplay entails wandering around large open areas, talking to NPC’s, and occasionally fighting things. Given the extremely limited amount of attention O’Brien is willing to give to the games he plays already, he wasn’t a fan of having to perform in-game tasks like pushing a stalled car and admiring a wedding dress. O’Brien’s special guest co-pilot, actor Elijah Wood, seemed to be a little more into the game, but that’s only because he is actually a gamer. Though, the only part which Wood seemed to genuinely enjoy was getting to ride around on Chocobos.

You can watch the full Clueless Gamer segment above. Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.