Check out the Unholy Paladin Galena in latest Quake Champions trailer

The latest playable champion to be unveiled for Bethesda’s and id Software’s upcoming competitive shooter Quake Champions is Galena, a faith-infused undead warrior who can both heal her allies and rain holy judgment (i.e. rockets, bullets, and other projectiles) onto her foes.

According to Bethesda, Galena isn’t the quickest champion on the roster, but she can withstand a great deal of punishment, and her unique Unholy Totem active ability further increases the survivability of both her and her allies. When Galena lays down a Totem, it basically acts like a landmine, blowing up any enemy foolish enough to enter its area of effect. However, if either Galena or one of her allies enters the Totem’s field, it heals them instead. Meanwhile, Galena’s passive Channeling ability reduces the cooldown of Unholy Totem by five percent whenever she picks up a health item.

You can watch Galena in action courtesy of the above video. If you have managed to get into Quake Champions’ currently ongoing closed beta, you can take Galena for a spin right now. If you haven’t yet signed up for the beta, you can do so here.