Check out Tokyo 42, an indie mix of GTA and Monument Valley

My hands-on time with Tokyo 42 was one of the best gaming experiences I had at PAX East 2016, and the game isn't even out of alpha. This is the debut title as a publisher for Mode 7 games, makers of indie-hit Frozen Synapse, though this game is actually beign developed by SMAC Games. 

I found Tokyo 42 to be a surprisingly satisfying action title with a visual design and platforming elements that reminded me of the popular mobile title Monument Valley. In the video above you can watch Paul Kilduff-Taylor of Mode 7 take a run through an alpha build of the game, and you'll get a good sense of the game's unique look and feel (as well as the intense gunplay it will feature). 

Tokyo 42 is planned for release in the first quarter of 2017, with no platforms yet announced.