Check out this impressive first-person Castlevania fan game

A first-person Castlevania game is one of those things that doesn’t sound very feasible on paper, but as one passionate modder has now proved, it can definitely work under the right conditions.

The game, which is called Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny, was made using the Doom modding platform ZDoom by a user named Batandy. Utilizing assets from the original NES Castlevania game, Simon’s Destiny offers a pretty slick-looking experience which has players chucking holy crosses, platforming through dark gothic architecture, and, of course, whipping the heck out of some unholy baddies all from the first-person perspective.

You can download Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny for free here, though you’ll need to download the GZDoom desktop program first. You can also watch a trailer for the game below.