Check out the first gameplay trailer for Project Wight

The Outsiders, a new studio formed by David Goldfarb and other former Battlefield developers, has released the first gameplay trailer for its in-development game which is currently under the working title Project Wight.

Project Wight takes players far into the past, during the time of the Vikings. However, the game also features an alternate timeline in which the Vikings are working to eradicate an ancient species of humanoid creatures. In an interesting twist, players actually play as one of the creatures, slowly evolving from a weak adolescent into a powerful adult. The above trailer, which is narrated by Goldfarb, shows that the creatures have been hunted to near extinction and that the human Vikings are actually the villains of the game. Of course, once the player’s creature matures into an adult, it is far from defenseless.

Neither a release date nor confirmed platforms have been announced yet but it is assumed that Project Wight (or whatever it winds up being officially called) will at least come to current-gen consoles.