CES 2018: Camera Tech

CES 2018 is almost here, and the camera crowd is awaiting the latest delivery of next-level camera bodies from Panasonic, Sony, and Canon. With new cameras comes new tech, so here’s some speculation based on recent rumors.

Keep in mind, much of this is wishful thinking derived from the online rumor mill of the photography / videography community, so it’s impossible to know until the show floor opens how much of it is credible.

But it’s certainly fun to dream, and as rumors turn into news (or not), we’ll be there to cover it.

Panasonic GH5s

I have things chilling in my fridge that are older than my GH5 camera, but rumor has it that Panasonic will be announcing the brand new GH5s at CES. The big improvement is a 12 megapixel sensor with vastly improved low light performance (without getting too technical, lower MP count = larger photosites = better low light performance).

I’ve seen rumors of this camera being capable of 50,000 to 100,000 ISO (which is very high for an MFT camera). Another big feature is 240 fps FHD recording, allowing for buttery smooth slo-mo footage. I’ve seen the price floated around $3,000, which puts it above the GH5, but not significantly so.

If this rumor proves to be true, then Panasonic may be taking a cue from Sony and bifurcating their flagship line into two separate stills and video lines. We will find out on January 8 at 10:45AM PST when Panasonic releases their press kit.


As CES 2018 has neared, the pic on this site has slowly included more and more items, and recently, it added a camera from their well-respected mirrorless camera line. Then again, there’s also a Playstation in that picture, and given that the PS4 Pro was just released in November 2016, I can’t imagine we’re going see another Playstation. Continued support, particularly VR, sure, but nothing brand new.

That being said, the A7RIII came out just recently, and now would be a great time for Sony to release a successor to the well-received A7SII. And given that the original A7RII and A7SII were announced about three months apart in 2015, announcing the A7SIII at CES would fit the established pattern.

Canon x000D DSLRs and EOS M50

Canon may have registered several new camera names with a “Russian certification agency.” The registered names were the EOS 2000D, 3000D, and 4000D. This is one rumor that I sincerely hope is not true. The “000” numerical designations typically indicate lower end DSLRs in their Rebel line. Canon’s customers don’t need more entry-level cameras, particularly while their pro-level DSLRs are outclassed by their competitor’s offerings. Meanwhile, wider adoption of bokeh-capable smartphones are making entry-level DSLRs less relevant than ever. 

The EOS M50 has also showed up for bluetooth certification. The internet is speculating that this will be another mirrorless camera in Canon’s M-series. Some folks are hoping for the full-frame mirrorless camera we’ve all been waiting for from Canon, but I’m not holding my breath.

Luckily, Canon usually only releases a Vixia camcorders and consumer point and shoots and CES. We’re more likely to see new Canon DSLRs at CP+ in March, and I hope that it isn’t more Rebels.

It will be very cool to see what’s unveiled at CES 2018 as far as camera tech goes, so stay tuned for our full coverage.