Capcom reveals roadmap for all the content leading up to the end of Street Fighter V

Capcom’s Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto recently held their own direct presentation to detail all the content coming to Street Fighter V leading up to the end of the game’s lifespan and the presumed release of Street Fighter VI. It’s much more content than we originally thought, considering we believed last season was the final season. Let’s take a look.

New Characters

Season V of Street Fighter V will bring five new characters to the roster and Capcom was willing to announce four of them.


Dan is the only character that they were able to show any development footage of. He will, of course, have a number of different taunts and a bunch of knockoff shoto skills. Interestingly enough, Dan’s taunts actually have hit-boxes now. Perhaps they are his V-Skill?


Rose will be the second character released in season V. They had no gameplay footage, but they did say that she would have new moves and an interesting adaptation of her core mechanics.


Another much-requested character, Oro hasn’t been in a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter III however he has shown up in a few different story modes in Street Fighter V. Personally I hope that his V-Trigger involves using both of his arms, but it will probably end up being Tengu Stone.


You might be wondering who this character is. It’s actually a character from Rival Schools which hasn’t seen a game since the Dreamcast era. Akira is even going to bring some of Rival Schools’ mechanics into Street Fighter V though it’s unclear what those mechanics are. Maybe team up attacks? It would be great to see some other Rival Schools cameos.

The final character will be announced at a later date but will come out sometime in the fall of 2021.

The Street Fighter League

The Street Fighter League will be extending its borders, allowing for international competition for season 3. The competition will involve six teams of three each, 18 players total, all trying to play for the championship. It will come back in October and will have 16 weeks of matchups. The world finals will be played at the Capcom Cup in early 2021.

Free Trial

The entire game including all characters and modes is now on a two-week free trial. You can play the whole thing and, if you want to, pick it up at a discounted price at 25 percent off Champion Edition and 60% off the standard edition.

The Roadmap

This is the roadmap for the rest of Street Fighter V’s content.

Dan will release in the Winter of 2020 along with a new Capcom Pro Tour stage, new costumes for several characters, a new universal system mechanic, and an extensive balance patch that will rework every character in the game.

Rose will release the following year in the Spring of 2021 along with her own stage and a number of costumes.

Oro and Akira will both release in the Summer of 2021 along with a stage themed after Akira and Rival Schools.

Finally, the mystery character will release in the Fall of 2021 along with a new Capcom Pro Tour stage, new Capcom Pro Tour costumes, and another full balance patch.

What DLC character are you most interested in? Watch the entire presentation below: