Call of Duty Black Ops 4: How to unlock Chaos Zombies characters in Blackout

Thanks to a recent Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update, players can now unlock and utilize the Chaos Zombies cast of characters in the game’s Blackout battle royale mode. For reference, the Chaos Zombies crew consists of newcomers Scarlett, Diego, Bruno, and Shaw (the original squad of Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai is referred to as the Aether Crew).

If you’ve grown to like the new Chaos Zombies crew, this guide will show you how to unlock them for use in Blackout.

Unlocking new Blackout characters

As we explained previously, unlocking new characters in Blackout requires an equal degree of luck and skill. As you play Blackout matches, you’ll sometimes find special items associated with a specific Black Ops character like a multiplayer specialist or Zombies crew member. With the item in hand, you’ll then be given a special “character mission” to complete.

Blackout character missions involve completing a specific goal, usually killing opponents in a specific manner. You have to fulfill the mission’s criteria within the duration of the same match in which you first found the associated item. You must also have the item in your inventory when you finish the match, so make sure you don’t accidently discard it.

The new Chaos Zombies character missions are no different. However, there is a way for you to tip the odds in your favor, at least when it comes to finding the requisite special items. The same update which enabled the Chaos Zombies character missions also added the hulking Blightfather special enemy to the Blackout map’s Graveyard landmark. The Blightfather is one tough customer, but once defeated it has a high chance of dropping one of the Chaos Zombies items.

Just note that other players will likely be gunning for the Blightfather as well, so if you can, try to engage it alongside a group of friends in the Quads playlist.


The first step towards unlocking Scarlett in Blackout is finding the ‘Racing Goggles & Scarf’ special item. As we previously mentioned, this item has a high chance of being dropped by the Blightfather, though regular zombies in Blackout can drop it as well. With the Racing Goggles & Scarf item in hand, you then have to run over and kill an enemy player with any land-based vehicle.

Since the larger transport truck is a bit slow (or at least slow enough that it can easily be avoided), you’re better off going with the ATV quad-bike. Even then, this mission goal can be tough since other players will always hear you coming. Also, running over a player who’s already in the downed state doesn’t count. Though it’s risky, your best bet is to try and “ambush” a player who’s already engaged with other enemies and thus distracted.   


The Diego Blackout mission is triggered by finding the ‘Pulp Magazine’ item. Again, this item can be found from the Blightfather or standard zombies. The Pulp Magazine also has a small chance of showing up in a supply drop.

After you’ve found the Pulp Magazine, you’ll be given a mission to eliminate an enemy player with a headshot. Players have reported that the exact number of headshot kills you need to fulfill the mission’s criteria ranges from 1-3, but hopefully it should trigger after your first kill. Given the headshot requirement, you’re better off sniping from afar. However, if you down a solitary opponent, finishing them off with a headshot from any weapon should meet the mission’s criteria.


Bruno’s Blackout mission begins when you find the ‘Mug Shot’ special item. Reports say that the Mug Shot can be found in supply drops and from the Blightfather, but *not* standard zombies.

Once you have the Mug Shot, you must bring an enemy player into the downed state using nothing but melee attacks. If you’re attempting the Bruno mission, the Brawler perk is a no-brainer item to have. Under the effects of the Brawler perk, you’ll down an enemy player with a single melee attack, even if they’re wearing level 1, or even level 2 armor.


To begin the Shaw Blackout mission, you have to find the ‘Alchemical Set’ special item. So far, there are only two confirmed drop sources for the Alchemical Set: the Blightfather and the Blackout Mystery Box.

After you find the Alchemical Set and trigger the mission, you’ll have to kill a minimum of two enemy players using either the Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb gadgets. It’s not clear whether you can use other damage sources in tandem with the gadgets, but just to be safe, make sure that damage from the Wraith Fire and/or Acid Bomb is what kills your opponent.