Get Burnout Paradise Remastered for $5 (and save on other EA games)

For the next two weeks you’ll be able to save some money on a selection of recent sports and racing games from Electronic Arts on Newegg (GameCrate's parent company), and the highlight of the games on sale is Burnout Paradise Remastered, the 4K upgrade to the crash-filled open-world racing game. Burnout Paradise was originally released in 2008, and the Remastered version first came to consoles and PC in 2018. Now, you can get one of the best action-racing games ever made for your PC, for just $4.99.

Check out the full list of discounted EA sports and racing games below.

Burnout Paradise Remastered - $4.99

The Burnout series of games is still remembered fondly by many fans, more than a decade later, because of its dedication to high-speed thrill racing and its elaborate, glorious crashes. Burnout Paradise takes the same sensibility and sets it in an open-world racing environment, allowing to explore a map full of cars and obstacles to smash, triggering different races and other activities as you go.

The Burnout franchise was never concerned with featuring authentic real-world car brands or intricate vehicle controls - instead the series featured elaborate crashing options, including the chance to "pancake" other racers by dropping down from higher elevations on top of them, and a speed boost system that specifically rewards risky driving, such as weaving through oncoming traffic. Burnout Paradise is a great game to jump in and out of alone or with friends online, and the Remastered collection comes with the Year of Paradise and Big Surf Island DLC packs included, so you have even more content to enjoy.

FIFA 2020 - $14.99

Released less than a year ago, FIFA 20 is the 27th installment in the FIFA series and introduces VOLTA Football to the franchise. VOLTA Football is a new mode that features 11v11 gameplay that takes place on the streets, similar to FIFA Street. There's also a story mode associated with the new mode that follows a character through the streets of places like Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Brazil.

Madden NFL 20 - $17.99

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes graces the cover of this year's Madden game. This year the game features a new "personalized career campaign" where players get to follow the journey of a college player and his jump to the NFL.

Need for Speed Heat - $23.99

Need for Speed Heat is the latest installment in the Need for Speed franchise. Released in 2019, the game is set in Palm City (inspired by Miami of course) where during the day player can partake in legal race events and at night, go underground for the illegal street races. 

Need for Speed: The Run - $9.99

Released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Need for Speed: The Run featured races in real-life locations in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. The game also featured real-life cars for players to play around in. The game follows the journey of a street racer participating in a huge race from San Francisco to New York.

Need for Speed Payback - $9.99

Need for Speed Payback launched in 2017 and takes place in Fortune Valley, a mockup of Las Vegas. The game has three playable characters with different skills and features a 24-hour day-night cycle. There's a total of 74 vehicles to choose from including cars from Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Audi.