Bungie unveils new details for Destiny's April update

As expected, Bungie has revealed plenty of details regarding its long-anticipated April update for Destiny, one that will bring a number of new features to the game, along with a redesigned Ghost.

The official details from yesterday's livestream are as follows:

New Loot and Infusion Rewards

  • New and updated rewards have been added to all high level activities. Infusion now upgrades gear to the existing Light of the consumed item directly.

Chroma customization

  • A new feature that can be applied to your Guardian's gear and weapons. Will highlight your Guardian in Gold, Silver, Blue or Red (shown over the following pages).

Taken-Themed Gear

  • Taken-themed Gear can also be earned, and a full set of Desolate Armor will unlock a unique Taken "Shiver" emote.

Sterling Treasure

  • Both Chroma and Taken-themed gear can be found in Sterling Treasures. Three Sterling Treasures can be obtained each week by visiting the Postmaster after each weekly reset, successfully completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders activity, and completing one match in the featured Weekly Crucible Playlist.
  • Additional Sterling Treasures can also be purchased via Tess Everis in the Eververse Trading Company stores

Update Faction and Prison of Elders Gear

  • Faction packages will now contain select Chroma-enabled versions of their Legendary armor sets at up to 330 Light. Updated Prison of Elders Legendary Gear is also Chroma-enabled and can drop at up to 335 Light in Challenge of the Elders.

Updated Exotics and Legendaries

Year 2 Queenbreaker's Bow

Year 2 Purifier Robes

Year 2 Patience and Time

Year 2 Eternal Warrior

New Eververse Items

Tess will be selling a number of new emotes.

Full details on the content drop can be found here. It's expected to arrive on April 12.