Bungie is retuning how players earn exotics in Destiny

With last week’s patch 2.0 update and this week’s release of The Taken King expansion, Destiny is quickly becoming a much more inviting and accessible game. Part of that increased focus on accessibility is offering players guaranteed methods of obtaining the game’s rarest and most coveted weapons and armor pieces, called exotics.

During Destiny’s first year of operation, there were only two ways of acquiring an exotic armor piece or weapon: having one drop as a piece of random loot or purchasing one from the mysterious merchant Xur, a merchant who only shows up on the weekend and whose randomized stock changes between visits. This naturally left some players disgruntled since the odds of them getting a specific exotic item were almost completely dependent on chance. Fortunately, Bungie has heard players’ complaints loud and clear.

In The Taken King, players will be able to earn exotic items by completing certain quests, similar to the exotic weapon bounties from year one. Of course, considering the sheer power of exotic items, players shouldn’t expect these quests to be a cakewalk. Xur now also offers two brand new items which will make acquiring exotics easier: the Three of Coins is a consumable item which will drastically increase the likelihood of an exotic item dropping for a player the next time they defeat a boss enemy. The Legacy Engram, meanwhile, will allow players to fill out their collection of year one exotics, in turn allowing them to upgrade them to their more powerful Taken King counterparts.

These new methods for obtaining exotics are available now to players who have purchased Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. The expansion can be purchased for $39.99 on all platforms as well as a bundled version that includes The Taken King and all other expansions for $59.99.