Bungie announces roadmap for Destiny 2: Forsaken and it's full of content

To commemorate today’s launch of Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge update, Bungie released a new in-depth ViDoc which outlines how the game will continue to grow and evolve throughout the next year. Bungie will be releasing three paid mini-expansions for Destiny 2 throughout the late 2018/early-mid 2019 period, but as the ViDoc shows, that’s just the start of the studio’s long-term content plans.

Three seasons of content

Destiny 2’s next three content seasons will carry the game well into 2019, and each season will include a new mini-expansion (all three mini-expansions are grouped together in the game’s paid Annual Pass).

First up there’s the Season of the Forge which begins today. Along with free additions such as new Triumphs and the return of seasonal events like Crimson Days and The Dawning, Season of the Forge also includes the Black Armory expansion which actually arrives in exactly one week on December 4. Each season also raises the maximum power level cap by 50 so with Season of the Forge players can climb to a maximum of 650 power.

After Season of the Forge comes Season of the Drifter in March 2019. Season of the Drifter includes the Joker’s Wild mini-expansion, a new pinnacle Gambit experience, and a new ‘Xur’s Bounties’ feature. Free Season of the Drifter content additions include a new Exotic quest, new Triumphs, and an as-yet-detailed springtime seasonal event.

Lastly there’s a third content season whose name Bungie is keeping under wraps for now. This third season arrives in June 2019 and includes the Penumbra mini-expansion. The third season’s free content includes the return of the Solstice of Heroes event, an additional Exotic quest, new vanity items, and more. As for Penumbra, it comes with a new raid experience, an as-yet-detailed 6-player activity which supports matchmaking, and new weapons and armor.   

Black Armory

The Black Armory expansion has players teaming up with a mysterious female Exo NPC to reignite four lost forges. Forge reignitions will involve multiple players fending off waves of enemies in new co-op scenarios similar to the Escalation Protocol and Blind Well activities. However, Bungie took feedback regarding those previous activities to heart and so the forge reignition scenarios will come with dedicated matchmaking.

As players reignite the forges, they’ll be able to craft new weapons which are associated with three ancient weapon crafter families. Each of those families hails from a different part of the world, with one family being Nordic, one French, and the last family being Japanese. The different weapons players can forge will include aesthetic details from those different families, giving players more visually distinct rewards to work towards.

As you can see in the above graphic, only one of the four forges can be accessed when Black Armory launches on December 4. On December 7, the second forge will open up along with the expansion’s new raid experience. Interestingly enough, Black Armory’s new raid will take players into the ruined city of the EDZ, conjuring up memories of the final mission from Destiny 2’s base Red War campaign.    

Oh, and this is purely speculation on our part, but that January 29 ‘The Draw’ Exotic quest sure sounds like it will involve the return of Destiny’s Last Word hand cannon….

A healthy balance

It’s clear from the ViDoc that Bungie wants to cram as much value into Destiny 2 as it can. The studio is aiming to ensure that, whether they purchase the Annual Pass or not, players feel a consistent desire to return week after week. Naturally the more exciting additions will be locked behind the Annual Pass expansions, but it’s still admirable that Bungie is working to enhance the game for all players, not just Annual Pass buyers.

Even if they don’t purchase the Annual Pass, Destiny 2 players still have a lot to look forward to over the coming year. Seasonal events, power cap increases, new cosmetic rewards, and new Triumphs are just some of the perks everyone will benefit from. Add to that all of the exciting new features contained in the three mini-expansions, and Destiny 2’s future looks very bright indeed.