Borderlands 3: Your questions, answered

Developer Gearbox’s zany looter-shooter series Borderlands will officially get its next major entry on Friday, September 13 with the launch of the much-anticipated Borderlands 3. Given the game’s impending launch, now seems a perfect time to brush up on all the pertinent facts you need to know. Whether you’re curious about Borderlands 3’s story, characters, gameplay, pre-order bonuses, or other relevant information, this article should answer any questions you may have.

Which Platforms Is Borderlands 3 Available On?

Borderlands 3 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The PC version is a timed exclusive on the Epic Store. The game will come to Steam in April 2020.

What Is The Story Behind Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 players will experience yet another tale of anarchy and mayhem set on the techno-vibe world of Pandora. In the wake of Handsome Jack’s death in Borderlands 2, a violent cult called the Children of the Vault has arisen. Led by the sadistic ‘Calypso Twins’ Troy and Tyreen, the Children of the Vault want to steal not only Pandora’s hidden riches but also those of other worlds. Of course, the new four-person team of Vault Hunters that players get to control aren’t about to let that happen.

Who Are Borderlands 3’s New Vault Hunter Protagonists?

For Borderlands 3, players can control four brand new Vault Hunters, each with their own personalities, backstories, and signature skills. The four new playable characters are as follows:

  • Moze – A talented engineer and gunner who can summon her powerful ‘Iron Bear’ mech and trick it out with various upgrades and weapon modules
  • Amara – A siren who can summon telekinetic projections like a massive fist to damage nearby enemies
  • Zane – A former hitman who can utilize drones and even a personal hologram copy to distract and harass his foes
  • FL4K – A robotic pathfinder who can call on one of three animal companions to support him in combat

Familiar faces from previous Borderlands games (including Telltale’s spinoff series Tales from the Borderlands) also make cameo appearances. In fact, the NPC who initially recruits the new Vault Hunters is none other than Lilith, the siren who functioned as a playable character in the original Borderlands.

How Long Does Borderlands 3’s Story Campaign Last?

Gearbox estimates that, on average, the story campaign should take around 35-40 hours to beat assuming players take the time to do side missions. There will also be a ‘True Vault Hunter’ New Game+ mode that unlocks once players clear the campaign. True Vault Hunter along with Borderlands 3’s Guardian Ranks (a modified version of Borderlands 2’s Badass Ranks) and the ‘Circles of Slaughter’ endgame activity should help give the game plenty of replay value.

Does Borderlands 3 Support Offline Play?

An internet connection is required to access Borderlands 3’s online functionality and co-op matchmaking, but much as with previous Borderlands games you can play entirely solo if you want. Continuing the series’ trend, though, the game is much more fun when you’re blasting bad guys and looting crazy new guns alongside friends.

Does Borderlands 3 Have Any Pre-Order Bonuses?

It does! Everyone who pre-orders Borderlands 3 will receive a special DLC pack of gold weapon skins. Additional perks are also available for those who spring for one of the game’s pricier special editions (see the next question for the full lowdown on those).

How Many Editions of Borderlands 3 Are Available?

In all, there are three separate editions of Borderlands 3 on offer. The standard edition retails for $60 and includes the aforementioned gold weapon skins DLC pack for those who pre-order. Fans can also go for the $80 Deluxe Edition which unlocks access to four uniquely-themed content packs containing skins and other goodies as well as a cache of XP and loot drop boost mods.

Finally, there’s the $100 Super Deluxe Edition which includes all Deluxe Edition content plus the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. The Season Pass will grant access to four post-launch campaign add-ons as well as the pass-exclusive ‘Butt Stallion’ cosmetics pack.

Does Claptrap Return?

Of course he does! What would a Borderlands game be without Claptrap? Borderlands 3 players will find their favorite robot jerk companion anxiously waiting for them, and he’s armed with a whole heap of snappy new dialogue to get fans in the mood for some looting and shooting.