Bloodborne created in Unreal Engine 4 is a thing of grim beauty

It seems like just yesterday that Bloodborne popped its fangs out of From Software's unforgiving maw, but in reality it's been just over a year and a full Dark Souls title away. Yet that hasn't slowed or even dimmed the passion that dedicated fans of the game feel, and for artist Simon Barle dying in Bloodborne was only the beginning.

Some of you might remember Simon Barle as an environmental artist that works with DICE to create some of the massive landscapes in the Battlefield franchise. Of course he's not the kind of artist to take a backseat when the muse strikes, he's the kind to get up, roll out, and create something that makes people stand up and take notice. His recreation of the Hunter's Dream in the video above shows just how talented he really is, how powerful and striking the UE4 engine can be, and also exists as a slow walk down memory lane to one of the areas players encounter the most in Bloodborne.

The video is short and sweet, more of an art piece than anything, and likely won't lead to anybody actually remaking Bloodborne on UE4...but it's worth watching just to see the Hunter's Dream again in all it's dark, gleaming beauty.

You can see more of Simon Barle's work on his ArtStation page and on his official portfolio.