Bethesda shows off DOOM Eternal, Fallout 76 improvements, and new IPs at E3 2019

Though it lacked any big surprises, Bethesda served up a E3 press conference this year that showed off everything from a new supernatural IP from Shinji Mikami to a nuclear payload of apologetic DLC for the Fallout 76 community. Along the way ID Software took the stage to show off some of the new content coming to RAGE 2, before the show closed with an in-depth look at DOOM Eternal, which is officially set for a November 22nd launch

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s take a look at everything Bethesda brought to their E3 conference this year.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades didn’t exactly have a stellar launch, but Bethesda is hoping to make up for some of their golden chest tomfoolery with a new dragon-themed questline, solo arenas, new jobs, and a custom jewelry system. All of which is coming to the Nintendo Switch like its predecessor Fallout Shelter.

Fallout 76 gets NPCs and Battle Royale in new batch of free DLC

In a bit of a surprise twist for Fallout 76, Bethesda demoed a new free DLC called Wastelanders, which will feature the return of NPCs, branching stories, and dialogue to Bethesda’s multiplayer post-apocalyptic simulator.

It’s potentially everything we’ve wanted out of Fallout 76 from the very beginning, so fingers crossed that it’ll be the Fallout we all know and love when it launches this fall.

As a bonus, Bethesda is releasing Nuclear Winter, a free game mode that will bring 54 player Battle Royale gameplay to West Virginia, with all the nukes, extra perks, mutants, and flaming circles you can expect.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a fresh IP from Bethesda this year that follows a supernatural fighting force in a neo-dystopian Tokyo coming directly from the mind of Shinji Mikami.

With a teaser trailer showing off a mysterious figure wielding a bow and some kind of raw magic, Ghostwire: Tokyo looks like it’s going to be a mind-bending dive into Japanese mythology with expectedly scary Shinki Mikami touches.

Despite this, the developers were quick to point out that it’ll be undoubtedly “spooky” but not necessarily a survival horror experience, which might imply that Ghostwire: Tokyo is going to be more action-focused than you might expect.

The Elder Scrolls Online gets Dragonhold and Scalebreaker Chapters

The Elder Scrolls Online demoed a new trailer that showed off Dragonhold and Scalebreaker, the final chapters in Bethesda’s year-long set of dragon-themed DLC. These content drops will add new the usual blend of story and dungeon content to the game that will allow send you hurtling towards some of the most dangerous enemies that have ever ripped their way across Cyrodil.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of Elsweyr

Bethesda's take on collectible card games, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, gets a batch of new conten in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion, continuing the thematic tie-ins with The Elder Scrolls Online.

Commander Keen

In a blast from the past, Bethesda is bringing Commander Keen back to life in a brand-new mobile title that’ll be coming to IOS and Android this summer. This new title will follow Billie and Billy, Commander Keen’s quirky offspring, two brand new characters to the Commander Keen universe. Bethesda’s new mobile title is hoping to carry Commander Keen’s classic humor and gameplay with a modern twist on a much more portable platform.

If you've never heard of Commander Keen, you can read one writer's personal take on its place in history.

RAGE 2 Community Challenges and new Content

RAGE 2 is getting a whole pile of content including new vehicles, cheats, mechs, skins, and community events to keep you occupied until the Ghosts arrive. Expect new free content to drop every week up until the launch of the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, which will bring new story missions and factions to the wasteland we’ve come to know and love.

Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot

After teasing Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot last year Bethesda is finally letting us fight Nazis in VR, but for now it’s only available to play at E3. So, if you’re on the show floor this year, be sure to stop in to see what it’s like to fight a fascist regime as a cyber hacker on a mission to do B.J. Blazkowicz proud.

Wolfenstein: Young Blood Trailer

Bethesda discussed killing Nazis, the fact that Wolfenstein: Youngblood is one of the largest DLCs they’ve ever made, and killing more Nazis.

They also demoed a trailer that gives us another look at what to expect from Jess and Soph, B.J.’s twin daughters, who are searching for their missing father in Nazi-occupied France and slicing through every swastika they find along the way.


Arkane demoed a brand-new IP that shows off an insane sci-fi adventure that promises to pit two assassin characters against each other in an odd time-twisting adventure called Deathloop.

If Deathloop is teasing anything like pitting Dishonored's Corvo and Emily style assassins against each other, it’s sure to be an interesting ride.

Orion, Bethesda’s answer to Stadia?

Bethesda also tossed their own hat in the game streaming service, with Orion, which promises to deliver high quality gameplay to any of your devices at the speed you need to compete in games like DOOM. From the pitch offered at the showcase, it sounds like Orion is intended as a complimentary technology for Google Stadia and Microsoft’s own streaming service.

What Bethesda demoed at E3 included playing DOOM 2016 on a phone using the Orion streaming platform, which looked smooth and consistent, but was also likely operating under ideal conditions.

For those interested, a free trial featuring DOOM is available to anyone that joins the DOOMslayers club for a limited time.

DOOM Eternal launches November 22nd

DOOM Eternal got a pair of trailers showing off new enemies, weapons, and the explosive gameplay you’ve come to expect from the franchise. This included a fresh story trailer that shows the Doom Slayer doing his thing against the usual demonic host, but in a variety of locations pulled directly from the DOOM universe, including Mars and Heaven.

As a bonus, we got another look at DOOM’s Battlemode, the new multiplayer mode we saw demoed last year that featured a duo of player-controlled hell spawn duking it out with another player mid campaign. What we saw this year makes the feature look like its own unique gamemode as much as a way to enhance the difficulty of the base game.

DOOM Eternal will be playable all this week at E3 and will launch on November 22nd.


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