Bethesda at E3 2018: Rage 2, Fallout 76, and a look towards the future

Bethesda’s 4th annual E3 press conference changed things up from previous years, with less of a focus on games coming in the near future, and more of an overview of what the next few years will bring for fans of the company. There was a crazy amount of content released, including details on Fallout 76’s multiplayer experience, a tease for a brand-new IP called Starfield, a tiny hint at where The Elder Scrolls 6 will take us, and much, much more.

With so much information flying by, let’s take you through the radioactive highlight reel.

Rage 2

Rage 2 kicked off the showcase with a live performance from Andrew W.K. which immediately led into a full scale extended gameplay trailer for id and Avalanche’s newest post-apocalyptic first person shooter.

The gameplay trailer gave us a look at the story, and an early alpha look at a mission that takes Walker, the game's protagonist, to the Eden Space Center to collect some old-world nanotech to fight back hordes of bandits and mutants alike. This included a hell of a lot of high-octane action and a tease of Rage 2’s pre-order deluxe edition, which includes a talking mutant head that you can mount on your wall.

Rage 2 will be available in Spring 2019.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls Legends is going multiplatform, and will soon launch on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4, for anyone that wants to jump into an Elder Scrolls-themed digital card game.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online revealed a story DLC called Murkwater which will take you on a deep dive back into Argonian lore as well as a werewolf themed piece of content to let players explore their wild side.

DOOM Eternal

ID apparently has been working on more than just a return to Rage and released a new trailer for DOOM Eternal, which will continue the story of the DOOM 2016 reboot. Reportedly DOOM-Guy will feel twice as powerful and fight twice as many new demons, and the game will bring Hell to Earth.

For now, information is scarce, but Bethesda and id teased we’ll see even more at Quakecon this August.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions received an updated trailer that demoed several champions: Sorlog, Keel, Slash, and Visor, and the news that Quake Champions will return with a new lineup of e-sports events.

Quake Champions will also be free-to-play for the week of E3, and if you dive in this week you’ll be able to keep the fight going after the week is over, and keep playing the game as its Early Access period continues.


Prey is getting a free content update that launches tonight, with three new game modes including Story Mode, New Game+, and a Survival mode for the truly insane fans of Morgan Yu’s mission. Additionally, Prey has gotten a new DLC pack, called Mooncrash, which promises a randomized, timed challenge experience as players attempt to make it off the moon alive. Mooncrash is available right now, for $19.99

We’ll also see a new game mode come to Prey called Typhon Hunter (essentially TranStar Prop Hunt). This multiplayer mode will pit five mimic players against one hunter and will likely proceed exactly as you would expect. Prepare for jump scares and plenty of hijinks.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

id software revealed a new DLC for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus called Wolfenstein Young Blood, which will follow B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters as they fight back against the Nazi regime in France in the 1980s. Not only will Young Blood carry the Wolfenstein tradition of violent FPS action forward, but for the first time ever you’ll be able to play co-op with a friend. Because they're twins, so why not?

Prey VR, and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR

Prey and Wolfenstein are also getting their own VR experiences.

Prey will receive its own VR themed puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a TranStar employee, and the new prop hunt themed multiplayer mode, Typhon Hunter, will feature its own full-length VR mode.

Meanwhile, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot will place you in the shoes of a hacker jumping from Nazi robot to Nazi robot in what promises to be a new spin on some classic Nazi slaying.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

Skyrim is coming to...everything!

Just watch and laugh.

Fallout 76

Finally, Bethesda's Todd Howard confirmed a lot of the rumors around Fallout 76, including the West Virginia setting, a map size that’s four times what we saw in Fallout 4, and, yes, online gameplay. That said, Fallout 76 will be playable entirely solo, though it is an "always online" game, and will allow you to seamlessly take your progression to your friend’s worlds as you explore six distinct new regions of West Virginia.

We also saw a full-length gameplay trailer, and a series of informational Vault-Tec videos to help us grasp the game's approach to multiplayer. Fallout 76 looks like it’s far from a Fallout MMO experience, but includes the option to team up with up to four of your friends for a seamless cooperative experience. It's being pitched as offering something approaching a standard Fallout narrative, just with the option to bring friends along. For now we're still doing a lot of guesswork, because we didn’t see much about Fallout 76’s actual story, and considering Todd Howard revealed that every human character will be an actual player, we have no idea what kind of quests and story we might see.

Base building will also play a huge role in the Fallout 76 experience, but not with the set-piece settlements we saw in Fallout 4. You’ll now be able to bring your base anywhere you want with the C.A.M.P. system, which means you get to build anywhere, as long as you can defend it from mutants, bandits, and the occasional nuclear attack.

Yes, Todd Howard announced that Fallout 76 will give players control of the nukes, allowing you to collect launch codes to nuke portions of the map for a chance to get your hands on rare loot and resources (and to troll your enemies to devastating effect).

The online experience will feature dedicated servers and a beta coming this summer for testing purposes, with a full launch on November 14, 2018. You can pre-order now, and with the game's special edition you’ll get a fully functioning (kinda), wearable T-51 power armor helmet, a glow-in-the-dark map with matching figurines, and access to the multiplayer B.E.T.A. this summer.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

If you’ve ever wanted to play an Elder Scrolls game on your phone your prayers have been answered. The Elder Scrolls: Blades takes you on a new, partially procedurally generated Elder Scrolls dungeon adventure. It’s a full length Elder Scrolls game, just smaller, and portable.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades will include Abyss, a roguelike randomly generated experience, an Arena for PvP content, and the Town, a full-scale town building mode that will function as the main quest hub and will be fully customizable by the player.

Blades will come this Fall for free on mobile devices, and will also eventually be available on consoles, PC, and the full spectrum of VR gaming platforms.


Bethesda also revealed their next big project, a sci-fi game called Starfield, Bethesda’s first new IP in a long time. There wasn’t much in the teaser, but it’s exciting to see what Bethesda will do with a whole universe at their fingertips.

The Elder Scrolls VI: ???

Although it’s likely still at least two years away Bethesda ended their show with a tiny tease for the next Elder Scrolls game. All we really see is a tiny snippet of a gorgeous new world with tall mountains and a dense forest, but we’re sure that fans will dissect it soon and give us an exact location. Our money is on either Elswyr or Summerset, but at this point it’s difficult to figure out based on the little taste we were given.

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