Bethesda announces Rage 2 with a quirky live action trailer

Bethesda has officially confirmed that Rage 2 is a reality after releasing a live action trailer this morning that highlights the game’s post-apocalyptic aesthetic with a healthy dash of pink.

Walmart accidentally leaked the release last week, which prompted Bethesda to blow the dust off of Rage’s ancient Twitter account and release a series of teasers and hints that an official announcement was soon to come. The result is the live action trailer below, which almost guarantees that Rage is getting a facelift in more ways than one, with a focus on the quirky humor and personality that made the first game so memorable.

The original Rage was a post-apocalyptic shooter that focused on the survivors of a massive meteor strike that was supposed to wipe out all life on the planet. Several factions from raiders and fascist military organizations to plucky scavengers and bounty hunters managed to survive in part thanks to a nanite infused series of bunkers known as Arks that hid just enough of humanity away to give it a fighting chance of survival.

The whole game came off as a graphically impressive shooter with its own distinct personality and a charming blend of science fiction and Mad-Maxian motifs that gave id Software plenty of room to play with creating a fun and engaging world.

There’s no telling exactly what to expect from Rage 2 but based on the live action trailer we’re hoping it’s going to be a blend between the post-apocalyptic culture we saw in the first game with a splash of color, even more personality, and hopefully an engaging story that’ll really set it apart from the first game.

We’ll know more when Bethesda releases their gameplay trailer tomorrow, and there’s no doubt that we’ll see quite a bit of Rage 2 at Bethesda’s E3 presentation this year.

Our money is on Bethesda and id Software looking to match up with the original Rage’s November release date but for now nothing’s been confirmed.