The best VR games showcased at E3 2019

This E3 was arguably one of the biggest years for VR we’ve ever seen, thanks massively to the E3 VR showcase hosted by UploadVR this year. With over an hour of VR trailers and developer commentary it’s a lot to take in, so let’s take a look at the best VR games at E3, so you know where to spend your hard earned cash in the coming months.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Release Date: September 2019

Doctor Who fans got a special treat this year at the E3 VR showcase when a very familiar blue box and sonic screwdriver made a special appearance with Doctor Who: The Edge of Time.

Fans can look forward to stepping into the Whovian universe to deal with a variety of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Who-ha, including encounters with enemies like the Daleks, the weeping angels. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a Doctor Who adventure come to VR, but The Edge of Time looks to be a much darker look at the Doctor’s world than previous installations in the franchise.

BBC and developer Maze Theory are bringing Doctor Who: The Edge of Time to all major VR headsets September 2019.


Release Date: 2019

Espire.1 is an exciting new VR stealth game that looks like it’s trying to deliver a Metal Gear-style stealth experience with plenty of unique VR adaptations. Stealth is your prime objective, but Espire.1 looks like it has plenty of different playstyles and options available depending on how you want to approach each level.

During the E3 gameplay demo, we see the player step into the shoes of an Espire stealth unit, which can climb any steel surface like a robotic Spider-Man, initiate a variety of bullet time powers, and even project the player’s voice to give NPC’s verbal commands. The result is a ninja-bot experience that wraps up a lot of the tech demos of the pact into an experience that could deliver some of the best second-generation VR mechanics this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates from Tripwire Interactive, because Espire.1 is expected in late 2019.

Asgard’s Wrath

Release Date: Fall 2019

Ever wanted to step through the legendary Bifrost in VR? Slay like a true Viking warrior? Well Asgard’s Wrath is here to deliver the way only a VR game can, with all the fun of slaying beasts like the Kraken and sticking it to enemies large and small with sword and fury.

Developer Sanzuru games is promising over 30 hours of gameplay and based on the trailers we’ve seen so far, much of it will feature switching between the perspective of a powerful Norse god and a common warrior.

In the gameplay trailer above we see everything from hack and slash combat, to the ability to empower enemies and wildlife using your godly will to help your warrior survive combat. It’s undeniably something brand new to VR that we’re excited to see come to life, and that promises to shake up the VR formula when it launches in Fall 2019.

Pistol Whip

Release Date: 2019

Beat Saber with guns? I mean, sure that sounds fantastic. Cloudhead Games brought quite a bit of heat at E3 this year with Pistol Whip, a brand-new rhythm game from the creators of The Gallery: Call of the Starseed and Heart of the Emberstone.

Although Pistol Whip is undeniably its own game, there’s no denying that it resembles Beat Saber, but with a focus on gunplay and accurate, fast shooting as you progress through each level. On some level it’s an on rails shooter, on the other, it’s a chance to become a master of gun-fu, so we’re excited to see how it comes to life when it launches later in 2019.

After the Fall

Release Date: 2020

Vertigo Games, the developers behind Arizona Sunshine, brought a winter themed post-apocalyptic shooter to E3 this year. After the Fall takes you and three other friends and tosses you into a world experiencing a new ice age that’s changed the face of survival forever. It’s winterized, Left 4 Dead style action with what we hope will be a unique VR twist in the face of the stereotypical zombie survival genre.

Rather than zombies, After the Fall will feature Snowbreed, humans that have been mutated by the storms wreaking havoc on the planet. We haven’t seen much of these enemies, but odds are good that Vertigo Games wants to separate themselves from the oversaturated zombie survival genre. So here’s hoping that the Snowbreed will be focused on something a little more unique than frozen variations of the rotting dead.

Lone Echo 2

Release Date: 2019

After Lone Echo and Echo Arena rocked the VR community back when it launched in 2018, Lone Echo 2 is promising to continue Jack and Liv’s story of zero-g sci-fi survival on a bold new frontier. The trailer below picks up approximately after the end of the first game, with Jack in pieces and Liv struggling to get him online as she searches the stars for a way home.

Graphically, the 360-degree trailer looks fantastic, so we’re excited to jump back into Oculus’ space simulator to try our hand at Ready at Dawn’s newest narrative experience. Expect to see Lone Echo 2 sometime in 2019 for compatible Rift headsets.

Phantom: Covert Ops

Release Date: 2019

Phantom: Covert Ops is an Oculus exclusive stealth shooter that paddled into the E3 VR showcase with a combination of stealth gameplay, a kayak powered form of locomotion, and realistic tactical gameplay. Phantom: Covert Ops plops you in the shoes of an elite special forces operative tasked with stealthily taking out a number of objectives in the dead of night.

What’s interesting is that it looks like almost all the combat and stealth is focused on the use of a kayak-based form of locomotion to stealthily float around enemy encampments and stow your equipment as you navigate to objectives. This system by all accounts is intuitive and easy to understand, which is often what makes the best VR mechanics. Even if it sounds odd, the production quality of Phantom: Covert Ops combined with some creative and interesting design choices make it worth keeping an eye on.