Battlerite will fully launch as a free-to-play game in November

Developer Stunlock Studios has announced that Battlerite, the spiritual successor to its cult hit competitive title Bloodline Champions, will officially drop its current Steam Early Access tag and launch as a full free-to-play game come November.

More specifically, Battlerite will become fully free-to-play as of November 8 according to this content roadmap that Stunlock recently posted. For now, playing Battlerite’s Steam Early Access will cost you $20, though you can also wait until the imminent free-play week (September 25 to October 1) to try the game out and see if it’s up your alley without spending a dime. Battlerite is a top-down competitive brawler game with a large roster of playable champions, a randomized loot system, and more in case you were interested in what sort of game it is exactly.

For now, Battlerite is only available on PC, though it will also be coming to Xbox One sometime next year.