Battlefield 1 Christmas Truce ends in failure

While World War I raged in the year of 1914, a temporary ceasefire was called on Christmas day at the urging of Pope Benedict XV, an event which would later become known as the Christmas Truce. This past Christmas, Battlefield 1 players attempted to organize a similar in-game phenomenon, but it sadly was not meant to be.

The plan to hold an in-game version of the Christmas Truce was actually sparked by a recent round of datamining which revealed DICE was planning to add a new “Holiday Truce” collectible dog tag into Battlefield 1. Players speculated that the new dog tag would be part of a larger event, a speculation which wound up being true. However, for some players, DICE’s efforts weren’t enough and so they decided to organize their own version of the Christmas Truce. Sadly, the temptation to slaughter all of the “Christmas noobs” (new players who had received a copy of Battlefield 1 for Christmas) was something that most players couldn’t resist and thus no formal fan-driven Christmas Truce was ever held.

It’s likely that Battlefield 1 will still have a pretty active community by this time next year so maybe 2017 will be the year in which players lay down their arms and cease fighting, even if it’s just for a day.