Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides DLC starts rolling out in December

Battlefield 1’s third DLC expansion, the naval-focused Turning Tides, is right around the corner, but unlike previous expansion releases, DICE actually plans to roll out Turning Tides over two separate “waves” of content.

According to this post on the Battlefield website, the first wave of the Turning Tides DLC will launch for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners on December 11. Included in the first wave are two new maps, Achi Baba and Camp Helles, a new Operation which utilizes both maps, the new Infiltrator Elite Class, six new weapons, and the new L-Class Destroyer Vehicle. As for the second wave, it will arrive sometime in January of next year and will add in another two maps, Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight, the Royal Marines multiplayer faction, and a new airborne spawn point set on a C-Class Airship.

Along with the release of Turning Tides, DICE has a number of special in-game events planned for the near future, events which include the following:

  • A free trial for the previously launched They Shall Not Pass and In The Name Of The Tsar expansions which will last from November 22 to December 4 and a second trial from December 8 to December 10.
  • Frontlines Mode support for the Suez map which arrives on November 27.
  • A new Operation Campaign called ‘The Fall of Empires’ which starts on November 22 and lasts until December 6. The campaign will combine the Conquer Hell and Iron Walls operations.