Battlefield 1’s Nivelle Nights map will soon be available to all players

Earlier this year, DICE released a new nighttime map for Battlefield 1 called ‘Nivelle Nights’ which was only available to those who owned the game’s Premium Pass when it first launched. Now, the studio has announced that Nivelle Nights will soon be available to all Battlefield 1 players, regardless of whether they own the Premium Pass or not.

According to this new post on the Battlefield website, Nivelle Nights will be opened up to all players sometime in “early November,” so expect it within the next week or so. The post also confirmed that Battlefield 1’s new Operation Campaigns feature will kick off in December with a debut campaign called ‘Eastern Storm.’ For those who don’t know, Operation Campaigns basically link together several different Operations matches, granting unique rewards to those who see the campaigns through to the end. Eastern Storm will combine the two Operations from the game’s recent In the Name of the Tsar expansion: Red Tide and Brusilov Offensive.

If you want to get in on the Eastern Storm action for yourself, make sure you pick up Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass since the inaugural campaign will only be available to pass owners.