Banner Saga's “In Memorium” brings the feels and the chuckles

Anyone that's played Banner Saga remembers how its countless tough choices and unique narrative style brought along some serious emotional turmoil. So it should come as no surprise that a video created by Penny Arcade Contributor Kris Straub, titled “In Memoriam,” matches that tone and manages to bring back the sadness and emotion we felt over the countless sacrifices. Fortunately it also manages to weave in countless chuckles and keep us looking fondly back over hours of choices that at the time left us speechless and a little bit confused about where we had gone wrong.

In Memoriam is PAX's gift to the world to prime us for a return to Stoic and Versus Evil's tragic world in Banner Saga 2, which released last week (read our review here). Even if you've never had a chance to pick up the original Banner Saga the video is worth a laugh, just be aware that the trailer is pretty much as chock full of original Banner Saga spoilers as can be, so if it's on your list of games for spring cleaning tread carefully.