Bandai Namco teases new game with Dark Souls-inspired slogan

Publisher Bandai Namco is teasing an upcoming video game reveal with a new teaser trailer and a slogan that was clearly inspired by From Software’s Souls series (which Bandai Namco also published).

The brief teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much about the game, though it is clear that it will be quite violent and will include elements such as real-time combat and possibly even multiple playable protagonists. As for the slogan/hashtag #PrepareToDine, it’s a clever play on the “Prepare to Die” slogan which often accompanied marketing materials for the Souls series (the PC version of the original Dark Souls was even called Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition). The hashtag seems to suggest the game will take inspiration from the Souls series, though it could also reference the fact that the playable protagonists are also vampires.

For now, all we can do is wait until April 20, the day Bandai Namco says it will fully unveil the new title.