Bandai Namco’s new upcoming game is called Code Vein

Last week, publisher Bandai Namco teased a new upcoming game using a Dark Souls-inspired slogan, and now it is officially revealed what the game is called: Code Vein.

According to this Gematsu article which contains details from a Japanese Famitsu report, Code Vein is being developed by the same team behind the popular God Eater series, though the developers note it takes place in an entirely new universe and has no ties to God Eater. The game is set in an apocalyptic future where players control Revenants, vampire heroes who use various melee weapons and supernatural powers to explore dungeons and combat an enemy faction called the Lost (Revenants which have gone for too long without drinking blood).

A full reveal for Code Vein is set to arrive tomorrow, April 20. A final release date hasn’t yet been revealed by Bandai Namco says it is prepping for a 2018 release.