ASUS ROG makes monitor bezels disappear with new snap-on attachment

Surrounding yourself with your PC games through the use of multiple wide monitors has gone from a wild dream to a relatively common setup for PC gamers with money to spend, but no matter how big, bright, and technologically advanced gaming monitors have become, these immersive setups have still been interrupted by the existence of the physical edges of the monitors, otherwise known as bezels. ASUS is looking to solve this visual annoyance with their new Bezel-free Kit, debuting at CES this week.

The kit is entirely physical, based on lenses and light refraction rather than software. It involves pieces that attach to the borders of your monitors and bend the light coming from each display in a neat visual trick that makes the bezels essentially disappear. Of course it doesn't actually add any extra visual information to the display, but it more than does the job of tricking your eyes and eliminating unsightly black lines.

The kits are planned for release sometime in 2018, though we don't have pricing information yet. ASUS hasn't officially commented on whether or not the kits will actually work with monitors outside the ASUS ROG lineup, but the angular aesthetic design of the product is clearly intended to fit in with the ROG style.

For more, follow along with us at CES 2018 all week long.