Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to get skill points fast and which skills to get first

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes the series in a bold new direction in many ways, but one of the most important gameplay revamps is the skill system. The title offers a more Final Fantasy X sphere grid-like system where you start in the middle of the “skill tree” and branch out in whatever direction you would like.

It is a more freeform system compared to past games that allow you to only focus on the skills and playstyles that you prefer. For the most part, the skill tree is divided into three main areas of melee-focused skills, bow skills, and stealth ones with each one located mostly in the north, east, and west, respectively.

There are different sections that will start out hidden but appear as you get close to them, with each section or skill star in the sky centered around a new significant upgrade. On the path to each new major upgrade, there will be more minor stat upgrades for things like your attack damage, health, defense, and so on.

How to Quickly Get Skill Points

Every star in the Valhalla skill tree requires one skill point to unlock it and move further along. Leveling up in the game is your primary way of unlocking skill points as almost every level will give you two skill points. There is one other possible way to get skill points besides leveling and that is through the optional mysteries.

The blue icons that you will see on your map are known as mysteries and while most of them will be side quest-like world events, there is a handful per region that are puzzle-based. Completing these puzzles will grant you an extra skill point instantly and only take a couple of minutes to do.

This is one decent way to get skill points quickly but in the end, completing quests and world events are your best way to get them. Every main or side quest that you do will grant you a whole lot of experience and we’ve found that nearly every quest that shows up in your log that you complete will grant you essentially a level’s worth of XP, if not more.

So, for every major quest that you do, you are basically going to get two skill points with the exception of a few minor quests spread throughout. Fortunately, unlike Odyssey, you don’t have to grind much at all to continue the main story. So, if your goal is to level up and get as many skill points as possible, your best bet is to keep doing the main quests back-to-back and you will be swimming in skill points.

Which Skills to Get First for Melee Fans

Since skill points can be accumulated quickly and easily, the main issue is figuring out which skills to get first. If you are a fan of melee attacks, or the skills found mostly in the red northern section of the skill tree, here are the skills that we highly recommend that you aim for first.

Parry Damage: This is one skill that will allow the user to deal extra damage to the person attacking them if you are able to successfully parry. Parry is something that has been timed right so it might not be for everyone but those of you who parry a lot will really benefit from this one.

Heavy Dual Wield: This is one of the most overpowered skills in the game. Sure, dual-wielding is a huge part of Valhalla but it is solely limited at the start of the game to one-handed weapons like smaller axes and swords.

But if you are able to unlock the Heavy Dual Wield skill, the skies are the limit. You can turn Eivor into a behemoth capable of wielding one two-handed weapon in each hand. Tearing enemies apart with two overpowered, massive axes is suddenly possible.

Stomp: This is one of the first skills you can reach on the skill tree and it is well worth getting. Whenever an enemy falls on the ground, you can press a button to stomp on them. It doesn’t matter who it is, this ability will deal some pretty solid damage. Given how often enemies will end up on the floor, this is well worth getting early on.

Which Skills to Get First for Stealth Fans

If you are someone who likes to put the assassin in Assassin’s Creed, then the western or yellow section of the skill tree should be your destination. Here are the skills that we recommend you aim for first.

Advanced Assassination: If you like to play assassin even remotely, this skill should be the very first one you aim for. It allows you to use a quick-time event to deal some massive damage to high-level targets. Couple this with some upgrades to your assassination damage and you can take out enemies in one quiet blow that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Breakfall: This ability makes Eivor perform a roll after falling from a steep height to mitigate damage. While you will still possibly take damage based on the height of the fall, it is well worth avoiding unnecessary deaths with this skill.

Brush With Death: When it comes to this skill, dodging just before an enemy hits you will allow everyone around you to move slower for a brief period. Like the Parry Damage skill, this is a must-have for players who excel at timing dodges right.

Chain Assassination: This is the classic assassination upgrade that allows you to take out a second target nearby immediately after assassinating someone. This is another must-have for stealthy players.

Which Skills to Get First for Bow Users

Lastly, the eastern, or blue section, of the skill tree is focused mainly on the bow and arrow upgrades. As we mentioned in our review, the bow is actually really effective for stealth and combat in Valhalla so ranged fans should aim for these skills first.

Arrow Reinforcement: If you like to use the bow a lot, chances are that you will run out of arrows over and over. This skill ensures that almost all arrows will stay intact and let you collect them from dead enemies.

Bow Stun Finisher: Stunning a target is a solid way of buying you some time in battle but this skill takes it one step further by letting you finish a stunned opponent for good by launching an arrow at their head.

Emergency Aim: It is likely that you will be discovered at some point across your dozens of hours in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but Emergency Aim can help with that. When an enemy finds you, this skill lets you hold down the aim button to hone in on the target who found you and take them out before others catch on so you can stay hidden.

Last Chance Healing: This skill is great not just for bow users but for everyone; it just so happens to be found in this section of the skill tree. What it does is slow downtime when you are about to perish in battle, giving you a chance to quickly heal or run away.