Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to get Excalibur and find all tablets

There are many secrets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, many of which are references to other properties, lore, and even legends from the real world. One particular secret that you can discover is the sword of Excalibur. The fabled sword that King Arthur pulled from the ground exists in Valhalla’s version of 9th century England.

How to Get Excalibur: Tablets

Like the famous sword of legend, Excalibur won’t just give itself to anyone who walks by. Even if we gave you the location of it right now, you wouldn’t be able to pick up the sword unless you have certain items with you. These items are known as tablets and are scattered throughout the open-world of England.

There are 11 tablets in total, which is a lot, but you can definitely get this sword rather quickly since the tablets are easy to find once you have the location. Of the 11 tablets, eight of them are found through eight mysteries, or side quests, in the world — noted as blue icons on the map — while the other three are found on the bodies of Zealots: powerful enemies who roam the country and have high power levels.

Let’s kick off this guide by taking a look at the eight tablets that you can find throughout England. Be sure to read our descriptions of their locations and check out our screenshots below.

Tablet Locations: East Anglia and Essexe

Starting off closest to your home of Ravensthorpe in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we have the first tablet in East Anglia. This is one of the first locations that you can visit in the main story once you reach England, so finding it shouldn’t take long. The first tablet is found on the western edge of East Anglia near the border with Mercia, northwest of the Britannia’s Watch in Grime’s Graves.

The second tablet is in the region of Essexe, southeast of the central synchronization point for the area known as Colcestre in the Old Cellar marker.

Tablet Locations: Eurviscire and Snotinghamscire

While most of the tablets are found in the lower half of the map, there are two main ones on the northern side. In Eurviscire, there is a tablet found just above the words “Northumbria” on the world map in the location known as Wiccan’s Cave. It is northeast of Elmer Monastery and south of the Olikana Tower synchronization point.

Snotinghamscire is home to a tablet in the east of the northwesternmost synchronization point on the world map, The Sleeping Jotun, and north of Skadi’s Den.

Tablet Locations: Suthsexe and Cent

For the next tablet location, head to the location of Santlache Mine found east of the southernmost synchronization point in the region.

From there, the next tablet location is in the Cent region west of the easternmost synchronization point for that area in the Cavern of Trials.

Tablet Locations: Hamtunscire

Hamtunscire is the only region on the map home to two tablets and the first here is found east of the city of Wincestre in Red Lichen Cavern.

The eighth and final tablet location on the map, at least for this part of the Excalibur quest, is right next to the westernmost synchronization point in this region. It is in Wocig.

Zealot Locations

Finding all eight of those tablets is only one part of this Excalibur quest. The second part is finding three more of them by defeating Zealots. They are NPCs, similar to the Mercenaries in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

They roam the map and are powerful foes that you need to defeat to obtain their tablets. The first one we recommend you find is Helke in Essexe. The problem with Zealots is that they never stay in one location so their possible location is random.

But what you can do is ride around the main roads on your horse and have your companion auto-follow the road. Zealots are rather slow so as long as you stick to the main roads, you should run into them eventually. Another alternative is to find a nice intersection of roads in the middle of a region and meditate there a couple of times.

If the Zealot passes by you on the road at any point while you are meditating, they will now show up on your map permanently so you can find them anytime. Once you have located them, you can see the helmet icon that indicates the Zealot and move your cursor over them to see the name and other details.

In the case of Helke, she is a powerful NPC that will require a high-level character to beat. If you’re in a rush, you could turn the difficulty down but you would still need to be fairly close in level, hence why this is a late-game task. Another strategy is going to a raid area like a monastery or town, starting a raid there, attracting the attention of a Zealot, and having your raid party take the miniboss out for you.

After Helke, the second Zealot, Woden, is in Cent. The same rules apply here of roaming around the main roads or meditating in a central location. In the case of Woden, his recommended power level is 220 so this is going to be a tough fight.

And last but not least, you need to take out Hrothgar. He is in Suthsexe and, again, your best bet is to stick to the roads or meditate in an important area until you discover him. Take these three Zealots out and you will be good to go with all of your tablets.

Where to Find Excalibur

With all 11 tablets finally in your possession, you are ready to unlock the legendary Excalibur sword in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Head to Myrddin’s Cave, found in the Hamtunscire region of the world map south of the northernmost synchronization point in this area.

Enter the cave, navigate its relatively simple platforming areas until you reach the end where there is a room with 11 pillars for you to place each tablet. Doing so will allow you to finally collect the sword, unlocking the very powerful two-handed mythical weapon as well as the Caladfwlch trophy/achievement.