ARMS DLC character Max Brass gets his own gameplay trailer

Nintendo has already confirmed that the first DLC roster addition for its Switch fighting game ARMS will be boss character Max Brass, and now the company has released an official DLC trailer for the pumped-up pugilist.

As you can see in the below trailer, the playable version of Max Brass will function much like he does when players encounter him in ARMS’ Grand Prix mode. When his Arms are fully charged, Brass won’t flinch when he gets hit by his opponent’s punches, and his Arms will automatically become permanently charged (this is signaled by him pumping up and growing in size) when his health pool falls to 20 percent. The Max Brass DLC will also allow players to fight on the Championship Arena stage from the Grand Prix mode (the same stage where they fight Max Brass).

A release date for the Max Brass DLC hasn’t yet been announced, but when it does launch it will be free for all ARMS players.