ARMS’ 4.0 update includes a new poison-based fighter and stage

Nintendo has released a new update for its Switch-exclusive fighting game ARMS, an update which brings the game up to version 4.0 and adds in a brand new playable fighter and accompanying stage.

The fighter’s name is Misango, a spirit warrior who comes equipped with a helpful AI spirit buddy and three new poison-based Arm types. Misango can absorb his spirit buddy to gain unique advantages and his three new Arm types, Scorpio, Skully, and Glusher, allow Misango to punish opponents with new poison moves at various ranges and speeds. A full in-depth breakdown of Misango and his unique fighting style can be found over at Nintendo’s Treehouse Blog.

Along with Misango, the 4.0 update comes with an accompanying stage called Temple Grounds. The 4.0 update is available now as a free download. You can watch a new trailer for both the update and Misango below.