Arc System Works open to including Skullgirls, Fate and Avatar in BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle

In a recent Facebook livestream from Sakuracon 2018, Arc System Works revealed that they are willing to invite characters from other IPs to join their upcoming crossover fighting game: BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle. For now, the game’s roster is comprised of characters from four franchises: BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena and RWBY. However, ASW has announced that the game is modular and as long as it sells well, there is no limit to the amount of characters they could add as DLC.

Who would they add? They mentioned a few key properties on stream. The first was Skullgirls, the cult-classic indie fighter from Lab Zero games. ASW publishes Skullgirls in Japan meaning that they partially own the rights to its roster. This would make including Skullgirls character in BBCT an easier possibility than most. (As a personal fan of Skullgirls I genuinely hope this comes to pass.)

Another series that ASW mentioned was the anime series Fate. Fate was made by Type-Moon, the same people behind Tsukihime. Tsukihime was converted into a fighting game, Melty Blood by Soft Circle French-Bread. Soft Circle French-Bread is the developer behind Under Night In-Birth which is one of the properties ASW is using for BBCT.

It’s kind of weird how rights management can seem like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Finally, ASW mentioned their “pie in the sky” hope: to include characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. They also mentioned this on a recent Arc livestream. Unfortunately, ASW is not connected with Avatar: The Last Airbender in any way, but they admitted that they are looking into the possibility and listening to fan requests. They also said that including Avatar characters would be “awesome.”

They also mentioned that their plan is to support BBCT for a very long time. As long as DLC keeps selling, they will continue adding new characters and listening to fan requests.

In addition to this news, ASW showed off the brand-new English dub of BBCT at Sakuracon. Notably, this is the first time that UNIB characters will have been dubbed in English.

What other franchises do you want to see get into BBCT? Let us know in the comments.