Arc System Works announces Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

Yet another sequel to Guilty Gear Xrd is in the works, even though Revelator, the most recent version, was released on PCs not too long ago. Entitled Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 (because it’s Revelator 2, but it’s also Revelator’s second revision… get it?), the new version will once again include all the DLC from the previous version, as well as two new characters.

The first new character is Answer, Chipp’s ninja Chief of Staff. Answer showed up in story mode before, but this will be the first time he is playable. Oddly, he seems to play somewhat like Bang Shishigami from the Blazblue series, using a variety of mid-air dashes, projectiles, and hand-to-hand combos in order to mix up the opponent and take them down. And of course, like any proper ninja, he has the signature Izuna Drop command throw.

The next new character is a recurring classic that many fans have long waited for – Baiken, the one armed samurai. Hype for Baiken built early on this year when a cleverly designed photoshop hoax put her into Revelator as a new character. It looks as though Arc System Works took note of that hoax and made everyone’s dream a reality. Baiken appears to have all of her specials from previous Guilty Gear installments, which is something a few pros worried about. With her tatami mat special and the yellow roman cancel mechanic, she can put up a near impenetrable wall of damage.

But new characters aren’t the only thing coming to Rev 2. General Director Daisuke Ishiwatari and Battle Planner Kazutoshi Sekine announced at the Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards 2016 that the new revision will include a full balance revision, new moves for existing characters, a new scenario added to story mode, new episodes for DLC characters, a complete revision to the net code, and more. While they weren’t ready to go into details, they said that they would be revealing more as we come closer to Rev 2’s Spring 2017 arcade release.

They did, however, announce a PC release for Rev 2, and you won’t even have to pay full price. Anyone who owns the PC version of Revelator will be able to upgrade to Rev 2 through a vastly discounted DLC pack. Unfortunately, no price was given for either the DLC or purchasing the game normally, but you can likely expect the full game to be about 50 dollars, the same price as Revelator. Rev 2 will also be released for the PS3 and PS4, but it’s uncertain what the console version will cost or whether console owners will be able to upgrade Revelator through DLC.