Apex Legends season 8 launch trailer brings Mayhem

If you’ve been keeping up with Apex Legends, they’ve been teasing the new season for the past few days and with the new season comes a new character.

Earlier this week, the background story of the new character Fuse was shared in a Stories from the Outland animated short. And now with the launch trailer, Fuse throws an extravagant event to welcome himself to the party. However, the celebration is interrupted by a mysterious foe who takes control of Fuse’s weapons and begins firing on all the attendees. Fuse is able to take back control, but then the mysterious villain crashes his ship into the desert terrain.

Check out the trailer below:

The new season launches on February 2 and with it comes Fuse as a playable character, a 30-30 Repeater level-action rifle, and some map changes thanks to the crashing of Fuse’s ship. February will also see the two year anniversary of Apex Legends, so we’re sure the folks at Respawn will have some special events going on to celebrate.