Aorus takes it to the next level at CES 2018

We dropped by the GIGABYTE/Aorus suite early Monday morning, the day before CES 2018 began.

They were still putting the finishing touches on their build out, but already the sound of clicking mechanical keyboards and twinkling RGBs had us salivating. GIGABYTE (and their premium gaming brand Aorus) are doing some pretty exciting things, and we were lucky enough to get a taste of what’s to come.

Gaming, Relaxation, and Working with Aorus

Aorus wants to focus on different case uses for their ever-growing lineup of products, so they built out three distinct rooms to demonstrate. The first was the war room, a gamer’s paradise that was fully decked out with cutting edge tech.

Resting on the desk were three remarkably different, equally impressive builds. The first machine we encountered was the powerful Aorus X9. GTX 1080s in laptops are nothing new (though still pretty amazing,) but the X9 takes it a step further with two GTX 1070s running in SLI to achieve substantially higher performance. It’s also got a 120 Hz UHD screen with a 2560x1440 resolution, while still managing to be the thinnest SLI laptop available right now. In other words, laptops don’t get much more powerful than this.

Next to that was the far more diminutive (though no less impressive) GIGABYTE Brix PC. We’ve written about this teeny tiny tower before, but now it’s been upgraded with all new specs, making an already VR capable machine all the more remarkable.

Next to that, made all the more intimidating by how small the Brix is, was a beast of a build; all red coolant and power in a Thermaltake P90 case. This fascinating open air design turns every build into a conversation piece, and also provides excellent visibility and airflow.

No doubt about it, this was a gaming room through and through, and made me want to sit down for some headshots and a chicken dinner.

Next to the gaming room was a living room setup, complete with two HTC Vive trackers and a tiny media center PC. Looks like Aorus really wants to get into the living room computer space, and they’re embracing the smaller form factor in a major way.

Last up was the professional workspace. This was more of a casual office environment, with a more subtle, but still very powerful build perfect for workplace applications.

This three room idea was a good one, and effectively illustrated Aorus’ commitment to appealing to a wide customer base.

Aorus Notebooks

Speaking of variation, GIGABYTE and their Aorus line have an expansive selection of notebooks and gaming laptops available, and pretty much every single one was out in the open for CES 2018.

From the multipurpose Aero 14 and 15 with its board room good looks and a dedicated GPU, to the aforementioned X9, Aorus seems pretty committed to having a little something for everyone.

Next to the collection of laptops were all of the motherboards and GPUs. It’s quite a collection, and though we didn’t get a chance to really dive in deep, it was great to see all those lovely core components on display.

Custom PCs

It was impossible to miss the glowing wall of cases toward the back of the suite, all of them filled with high-end Aorus parts and a heaping dose of creativity. A variety of custom PC builders went crazy with this shiny new tech, and pulled off some truly incredible works of art.  

I’m obviously a huge fan of language, but I’m not sure words are going to do these beauties justice. Check this video out for your own personal tour of the Aorus displays-

As you can see, Aorus was not messing around this year. CES 2018 is filled with all sorts of lovely sights for techheads, and reminders of why we love building PCs in the first place.

Between the insanely powerful laptops and gorgeous custom builds, we’re really looking forward to seeing what else Aorus has up their sleeve this year. 

For more, follow along with us at CES 2018 all week long.