Another God of War game is in development according to Sony

During last weekend’s PlayStation Experience conference, Sony Santa Monica accidentally revealed it is creating a new entry in the long-running God of War franchise.

The initial confirmation was made by Cory Barlog, the director behind God of War II, during a God of War retrospective panel. Barlog sent out a tweet during the panel saying: “Yes, we are making another God of War.” That tweet was soon after deleted but, rather than try and cover Barlog’s confirmation up, Sony Santa Monica decided to roll with it instead and sent out this tweet as a follow-up.



The confirmation of a new God of War game being developed is both surprising considering the lukewarm reception of 2013’s God of War Ascension and not-so-surprising considering it’s still one of Sony’s most iconic and popular franchises. Right now, the only solid fact that is known about the in-development title is that it won’t be a prequel. Whether or not it will star series mainstay Kratos or even be set in the world of Greek mythology remains to be seen.