Among Us: Imposter or crew, here’s ideas on how to win

So you’ve gotten bit by the Among Us bug, only to have your friends turn around and vote you off at the very first chance in every single game. First of all, get better friends. Second of all, maybe you aren’t thinking about the game strategically. Take a look at these tips and tricks and you may find yourself winning a few more games than usual.

Crew: Don’t just speedrun tasks

While tasks allow you to win the game by default, there are many things you can do to help win the game faster. Just camping in an area or a suspected imposter can grant you important information. Meanwhile, the use of tools like cams and vitals can give you a better picture of the imposter’s activities.

Imposter: Use common crew tools like admin

Remember, the imposter can use crew tools as well. Not only does this give you an alibi to people around you but it also lets you set up hard to discover plays. For example, admin will tell you who is in what room. You can kill someone there, vent, and then when people ask you where you were, just choose a room no one was in on the admin screen. Since no one was there, it will be hard to disprove you.

Crew: Travel in groups of 3

Three is the magic number. If there is one imposter in a group of three, the survivor can report him if he makes a kill. If there are two, then it’s no safer than traveling in a pair with an imposter, but it ties up the other imposter and prevents double kills. The math just works out.

Imposter: Don’t stop moving to use the sabotage window

Too many imposters stop, plant their feet, open up the sabotage window, and then sabotage. This is a bad idea because the crew can just look for the person who is standing in the middle of nowhere and accuse them. Don’t stop moving when using the menu. In fact, unless you are faking a task, don’t stop moving at all.

Crew: Don’t vote on 7 and maybe don’t vote on 4

This is another situation where math is your friend. If you vote with seven people and two imposters remaining, the imposters just need to get a double kill at six and the game is already over. If you are at four, you only have one imposter left, and if you don’t manage to vote them out, then the imposter just has to trigger a crisis and kill one person at three. In short, these are the numbers that are unsafe to accidentally vote a crew member out without losing the game immediately as a result.

Imposter: You can risk a kill in public in massive groups

Stack kills are the best. If the crew starts playing lame and following each other from task to task, don’t worry. Wait until they are all stacked up together and just kill. Killing has no animation, so as long as you are overlapping your target, it will be nearly impossible to tell who did it. Just don’t get to froggy, because anyone who wasn’t with the group now has proof that someone in that group was the imposter, so try to save this for instances where you are making a game-winning play.

Crew: Memorize the order tasks need to be performed in

Some tasks always have to be done with certain steps in certain orders. For example, you can’t vent trash until you’ve put trash in the airlock first. If you see someone fake this at the beginning of the game, then you know they aren’t really doing a task.

Imposter: You can just chill in the vents

You don’t want to vent for no reason but you also don’t want to casually walk away from the scene of a crime. If you need to buy time, you can hop in the vents and just… stay there. You can also use the vents to peep on other rooms.

Crew: Don’t taskbar too hard, it will mislead you

A common strategy is to watch people who seem to be completing tasks and then look at the taskbar to see if it actually went up. I’m here to tell you that this is unreliable. Not only is the taskbar on a delay which will vary from connection to connection, but you have to remember that certain long tasks only cause the taskbar to increase after every step is done. What’s more, the imposter can just walk off a task when they see the taskbar fill, leading you to clear them and guarantee them more safety than they should get.

Imposter: Solve your own crises

Almost every single crewmember will rush toward a crisis as soon as it is triggered. If you are off doing your own thing, that’s a great way to draw suspicion. Trigger a crisis on the other side of the map and then rush to solve it, maybe killing someone along the way. If you actually do solve it people would be less likely to suspect you.

Crew: If you are 100 percent sure someone is the imposter, don’t call an emergency meeting right away, clear yourself of suspicion first if you can do so safely

You’ve all seen the YouTube videos. Someone witnesses a murder, runs to the emergency meeting button, throws out an accusation, only to have it turned around on them. If you know someone is an imposter, remember that not everyone shares your knowledge. Clear yourself with a task or something if you can and then start accusing. Otherwise just holding back your info might be a better play.

Imposter: Don’t be afraid to skip a vote

If you vote every single round, you may just be an imposter. Don’t be afraid to skip a vote or even to vote off your imposter teammates if the jig is up. In fact, two imposters fiercely accusing each other throughout a game is a great way to guarantee that the crew won’t catch one of you.

Crew: If you think the imposters are setting up a double kill, spam the report button

This is a bit of a cheap tactic but it’s saved my bacon several times. If you have a feeling a double kill is coming, you can just hammer on report. Imposters rarely synchronize their kills down to a frame and that means you can report in between kills if you spam the report button. I’ve caught more than one killer pair with their pants down this way.

Imposter: Avoid killing people who accuse you and instead focus on the best taskers

If someone accuses you and you immediately turn around and kill them it’s a one-way ticket to the air-lock. You should instead focus on the crew that is best at doing tasks. These crewmates will push you quickest toward game end and will resolve your crises before they can do any good.

Crew: Follow any two players that tend to group up after several meetings

More double kill advice, if you see two players constantly grouped up, just follow them. They may be killers looking for a double kill and using each other to clear themselves.

Imposter: Look for areas of the map that hide bodies with graphics

This is a real tricky one. There are areas of each map that actually hide player sprites. The big rock on Polus is one of them, but there are a few strewn about on each map. If you manage to score a kill near one of these features, it will actually hide the body. Players can still report it and their report button will light up if they get nearby, but it’s pretty easy to miss that.

Crew: Ask questions before making accusations

If you call a meeting or report a body, don’t lead with “body was here, it’s this player.” Ask questions first. Say you won’t reveal the body until everyone tells you where they were. Ask what tasks everyone was doing. Give the imposters a chance to trip over themselves because making your accusation.

Imposter: Lock doors on groups of three

It’s more important to lock doors away from you. Trapping a big group will not only make them paranoid about each other but will also allow you to skip around the map willy nilly without any interruptions.

Anyone: Adopt a persona and act out that persona in all games

Here’s just a small acting tip. It is hard to act like “yourself.” You never have to try to act like yourself, so you aren’t quite sure what yourself is supposed to act like. If you really want the best time as crew or imposter, just don’t be yourself. Adopt a dumb goofy persona. Give it a stupid accent, and make sure to do this in ALL games. You DO know how this goofy persona is supposed to act, and you can be more consistent in acting out this persona from game to game whether you are crew or imposter.