Among Us: How to download and install mods

Among Us, the breakout hit of 2020 that came out in 2018 has gotten incredibly popular, so popular that many people have played it to death. We are all waiting on that new content, a new map and new game modes promised by the developer, but until then there is a way to keep the game feeling fresh: MODS!

We are going to teach you how to install some of the most popular Among Us mods, and also give you a look at some of the new ones in development.

Proximity Chat

The standard rule of Among Us is that no talking is allowed until meetings. Prox chat changes all that. You can now talk as much as you want, but you’ll only be audible to other people around you. This adds a whole new dimension to the game, allowing you to talk with and deceive other players.

And setup is super easy. Simply travel over to this link and download the CrewLink add-on program. Windows might detect it as a virus, don’t worry it’s perfectly safe. Install it, open it up, open up Among Us and you are in business. Note, that this only works on the latest non-beta version of the game.

Most of the other mods can be played using, a custom private Among Us server. It’s completely safe and easy to install and offers a lot of extra custom options for your games. Here’s how you do it.

First, head on over to

You used to have to do a weird file replacement dance to get it to work, but not anymore. Simply download the launcher for windows, make sure that Among Us is installed, launch using the new launcher, and you are good to go. The same is true for Android, though you will have to download the app manually. Note, once you are in the game do not change your server off of That will put you back into the original Among Us servers.

Once you are in, you can toggle a bunch of options by typing /commands into the chat. This includes the /gamemode command which allows you to turn off and on mods like

  • Zombies – One person randomly becomes infected after a certain amount of time passes. If they touch another player they become infected too. It’s up to the non-infected players to finish their tasks before the zombie plague spreads and claims them all.
  • Prop Hunt – Based on the game of the same name, prop hunt turns all the crewmates into objects that look exactly like the objects on the official maps. They have to blend in with the scenery while they try to complete tasks while the imposter hunts them all.
  • Doctor – One crewmate is established as the doctor and is able to resurrect dead bodies, given enough time. However, they have to stand still to do it making them a big target for the imposters.

There are also a lot of mods still being developed including:

  • Every Imposter for Themselves – There are three imposters in a bigger than normal lobby. They don’t know who each other is and can kill each other as easily as they kill crewmates. The last imposter standing wins.
  • Mafia – Like a normal game with extra roles. One person on the imposter team cannot kill but knows who they are, can access anything that crewmates can, and needs to shift suspicion away from them. There’s also a janitor who can clean up bodies, making it harder for people to report them and catch the imposter.
  • Vents – The maps start with no vents. Imposters can place vents after a while on a timer. This means that they start having fewer options than a normal game but soon become more powerful the longer they are allowed to build their custom vent network.

And that’s it. That’s all you need to start playing Among Us mods. Let us know your favorite mods in the comments.