Amazing Spider-Man 2 clears Xbox One hurdle on launch day

Last week the Xbox One listing for the upcoming game adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was mysteriously pulled from publisher Activision’s website and fans feared they wouldn’t get to play the game on Microsoft’s new console when it released. Now that the game’s launch day has arrived, it looks like fans had nothing to worry about after all as the game is now available on all previously confirmed platforms, Xbox One included according to Microsoft's Major Nelson.

After the game’s Xbox One artwork vanished from the website, fans naturally began voicing their concerns and developer Beenox said it was working hard to get the Xbox One version out the door without really explaining just what exactly prompted Activision to take the artwork down. Whatever the issue was, apparently it has been corrected for at least a digital download of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Xbox One via the Xbox Live marketplace.  Although Activision still hasn't announced a release date for the physical version of the game for Xbox One, most retailers still have a July 1 release date.

There is still some concern that the Xbox One version might suffer from additional bugs and technical glitches if there was a rush to get it ready, but fans are likely relieved to see the game wasn't cancelled after all.