Agents of Mayhem trailer shows off the Franchise Force

Developer Volition has released a new trailer for its upcoming single-player shooter game Agents of Mayhem in which viewers get to see three of the game’s playable agents in action.

The trailer focuses on a sub-group of three playable characters within the game’s larger roster who call themselves the Franchise Force. If players want to take the full Franchise Force into battle, they’ll be rolling with Hollywood (a cocky former reality TV star armed with an assault rifle), Fortune (a pistol-wielding sky pirate who can also call in her handy drone, Glory, for some crowd control), and Hardtack (a large bruiser who’s special ability involves trapping foes in giant bouncing bubbles so he can give them the old home run treatment).

While Agents of Mayhem will only be able to control a single agent at a time, they’ll be able to quickly swap between any agents on their current team at will, allowing them to punish enemies with crazy power combos or simply flank them when the situation warrants it.

Agents of Mayhem is currently set to launch on August 15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. See the trailer above.