AGDQ 2020 breaks all records raising $3 million for charity

Despite a technical hiccup causing the All Games Done Quick website and donation page to go offline in the middle of the marathon, AGDQ has shattered its records once again raising more than $3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, $3,135,890.56 to be precise. This is $700,000 more than the previous AGDQ and $100,000 more than the previous record holder, SGDQ 2019. More than 54,000 people donated over the course of the marathon, with an average donation of $57.89. One extremely generous donor even donated more than $350,000, likely from Twitch itself through subs and bit donations. Nearly $1.5 million of this total was raised in the final day alone.

There were lots of amazing sources of donations, from bid wars for file names to bonus run incentives. However, GDQ got a little creative this year too. They ran a Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past crowd control randomizer which allowed viewers to donate in order to screw with the runner, via adding or removing items, or even outright killing him. This hilarious run raised over $30,000 alone, just through Twitch bits. It’s also worth noting that all sales of GDQ merch (such as t-shirt sales from the YeTee) also went toward charity.

This was GDQ’s 10th anniversary and it was a huge one. More than 2,750 people attended the speedrunning convention, packing into the Hilton DoubleTree in Orlando, Florida. Viewership averaged around 110,000 Twitch viewers, with an all-time max of more than 236,000 concurrent viewers. Over the last 10 years, GDQ has raised more than $25 million for charity, which they announced proudly during the Links Awakening run, which was slated as a super-secret ultra-bonus run that viewers could donate towards.

And what’s next for GDQ? As always they are now planning for their summer event, SGDQ which will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota from June 21st to 28th, right after we get done with all the E3 buzz. It will support Doctors Without Borders. The next AGDQ is slated to run from January 3rd to the 10th of 2021, though they haven’t yet decided on a location. It will once again be supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

If that’s not enough speedrunning goodness for you, there are plenty of other speedrunning marathons to check out. GDQ themselves runs a smaller scale event called GDQx at Twitch Con every year. You can catch them at the San Diego Convention Center on September 27-29. They will be supporting the Able Gamers Foundation.

If RPGs are more your speed, you can check out RPG Limit Break 2020 at the Salt Late City DoubleTree Hilton from May 10-16 benefitting the National alliance on Mental illness.

For a showcase of international speedrunners, be sure to check out the European Speedrunner Association for their winter marathon, February 15 to 22, benefitting the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation.

You can also catch a showcase of the best runners in the LGBTQIAA+ community in Power Up With Pride taking place in early June and benefitting the Trevor Project.

There are tons of different marathons and you can catch many of the same runners at each. So pick a marathon, pick a charity, pick a game, and donate! And if you want to catch up on the runs you missed from this year’s AGDQ, be sure to check out the official Games Done Quick Youtube page, or this handy Reddit thread chronicling all the VOD recordings of the marathon.