After eight years, Skullgirls: 2nd Encore adds new character, Annie

Skullgirls release party all day every day!

Skullgirls is an odd little fighting game. It’s the game that gave Melee a run for its money in a donation drive to get into EVO. It’s the game that had an Indiegogo for completing one DLC character and ended up with six. It’s a game made by a fighting gamer to encapsulate the best things about games such as Marvel 2 and Guilty Gear. And yet, it has never made the main stage of EVO.

Well that was all about to change this year. Skullgirls was finally going to be an EVO main event because of its rollback netcode and…

Well, then EVO got canceled.

But that doesn’t mean that Skullgirls isn’t coming back in a huge way. Skullgirls recently released their mobile version, and that mobile version is getting new characters that weren’t in the original roster. The first new character to enter the mobile world is Annie of the Stars, an immortal child actress who fights with a brutal Sol Badguy-esque fighting style.

And when she was announced, Lab Zero did something that no other fighting game developer did before. They decided to use these assets for a mobile character to add to the original version of the game! That’s right, Annie is being added to Skullgirls: 2nd Encore nearly eight years after the game first released. That’s an eternity in fighting game years.

As said before, Annie is inspired by Sol Badguy and other brutal sword users. She has sword uppercuts and dive kicks, which should seem familiar to Guilty Gear players. She also has a “helm splitter” style move which should seem familiar to Dante players in UMVC3 and MVCI. She also appears to have a low slide and a sword beam projectile that she can chase after.

She has a variety of supers including a gigantic beam, a rushing sword attack, what appears to be a command throw where she signs an autograph for you, a ground stab which causes a vertical explosion, and a thrown sword that stays hovering on the opponent similar to Trish from UMVC3, and a “star power” install that causes damaging stars and special effects to emanate from all of her attacks.

Annie was also supposed to show up in Indivisible as a guest character, however that never came to pass. Much of the Skullgirls fanbase is now hopeful that their favorite characters might finally see a chance to enter the roster, though Lab Zero has made no announcement to that effect. Heck, even getting one DLC character after eight years is huge. Perhaps this means they will look into releasing the game on next-gen platforms?