Absolver Friends and Foes trailer highlights co-op and competitive modes

Sloclap’s upcoming online martial arts adventure game Absolver has received yet another new trailer, this time putting the spotlight on the cooperative and competitive modes that players will be able to utilize if they’d rather not venture out alone.

First up, the aptly titled “Friends and Foes” trailer focuses on cooperative play, showing how up to three Prospects (players) can party up and take on Absolver’s PvE challenges together. More experienced players will also be able to serve as mentors to newer players, granting them bonuses such as the ability to use their personalized combat deck of attacks (and thus granting the newer player access to attacks they may not have unlocked themselves).

As for the competitive component, players will be able to queue up for 1v1 duels in which the first player to land three successful strikes wins, ensuring that PvP matches will be a little more sophisticated than just spamming attacks since players will have to carefully monitor both offense and defense. The trailer also teases the eventual implementation of team-based PvP matches, a ranked mode, and even tournaments, though it would appear that 1v2 duels will be the only competitive option at launch.

Absolver is set to launch in just a few weeks on August 29. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC.