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The GameCrate Writers and Staff

Quibian Salazar-Moreno is GameCrate's editor. He's been covering the gaming industry for more than a decade focusing on the crazy world of consoles.

Nicholas Scibetta is GameCrate's former managing editor. He enjoys first-person shooters and role-playing games with strong stories. His favorite modern game is Mass Effect 2, and his favorite old-school game is Shining Force 2.

Aaron Mickunas spent most of his writing career talking about video games and esports. Before that, though, he was a friendly neighborhood IT guy. At Newegg, he gets to combine his love for tech with writing, and of course, more video games. Follow him on Twitter @AaronMickunas

Angelo M. D'Argenio has been writing about games for 10 years now. He has been a pro gamer, a professor of game design, and a game-centric comedian. His favorite genres are RPGs and fighting games, and he has a particular love of obscure but innovative indie titles. His favorite old-school games are Chrono Trigger and Xenogears and his favorite modern game is Undertale. When not gaming, you can usually find him talking at gaming and anime conventions up and down the East coast.

Christopher Atwood is a writer from the dusty hills of Hermiston, Oregon. He loves a challenge and anything that pushes him past my limits both intellectually and physically.

Nate Hohl has been a gamer ever since he was old enough to hold a SNES controller and his love of both gaming and writing made game journalism a natural fit. He enjoys tackling current issues within the gaming industry as well as probing the minds of his readers in order to engage and inform them. In addition to gaming and writing, he is also an avid reader, a bit of a history buff, and a die-hard martial arts enthusiast.

Leo Parrill is obsessed with tech and the vidya games. Everything from N64 to VR and PC building get him out of bed in the morning; usually late because he spent all night emulating Gamecube games on his smart refrigerator.

David Sanchez likes wearing a Tanooki Suit while eating $5 pizza. Follow him on Twitter @dr_davidsanchez.

Jeff Yabumoto is an esports journalist who secretly wishes he could have been a pro gamer, though he sadly lacks the skills to do so. He's also a video editor for Newegg Studios. Catch him on Twitter @phsidefender.

Paul Semel has been writing about games (as well as music, movies, TV, books, toys, and other fun stuff) for more than twenty years. You can currently read his writings on his own site,, or follow his antics on Twitter, @paulsemel.

Trisha Hershberger is an online host & producer who has been featured on channels like IGN, Rhett & Link, The Philip Defranco Show, Epic Meal Time, The Fine Bros, ScreenJunkies, Smosh & more. She won two Streamy Awards as a full-time cast member with Sourcefed & SourcefedNerd and now owns and operates her own production company, creating content for Geek & Sundry, Newegg & Kingston Technology as well as her own Facebook, YouTube & Twitch channels. Twitter/Instagram/Facebook - @thatgrltrish

Juan Carlos Bagnell is a video producer and commentator who has been covering technology and consumer electronics for over fifteen years. Juan has been featured on numerous web and traditional broadcast platforms, including NBC LA, Fox LA, Cheddar TV, and his home for the last two years, talking about smartphones on His book ‘Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs’ has been used in college photography courses. You can find Juan around the internet (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc) as @SomeGadgetGuy.

Jake Gibson is a filmmaker and videographer. He's got a great mustache that he loves dearly and will never shave (again). Not after what happened last time.

Wes Eastin was forged, not born, when the screams of Grecian warriors pierced the heavens, freeing his earthly form. He's a Video/ Content Producer for GameCrate and His favorite food is gin.

Frank Hegyi is a cinematographer, science vlogger, and was at one point ranked #9 on the online leaderboards of the timeless Xbox classic, Crimson Skies. 

Brian Brennfleck is a freelance videographer and director currently shooting content for Newegg. He’s bad at every video game except Super Smash Bros 64.

Kejah Murray is a film fanatic, political enthusiast, and video editor at Newegg. Originally from Key West Florida, he redefines the term "island time" in the big bad city of Los Angeles.

Afroxander (a.k,a. Ivan Fernandez) is a freelance journalist based in Southern California. Yes, that is his real hair. Follow at @afroxander.

David Jagneaux is the Games Editor at UploadVR and continues writing as a freelance game journalist for various outlets, such as IGN, Playboy, and VICE. It's dangerous to go alone, so follow him on Twitter: @David_Jagneaux.

Akil Henry is a freelance editor, budding singer, game designer and comedian of calculator descent. His favorite modern game series is Dead Rising and hit favorite old school game is Sonic & Knuckles.

René S. Garcia Jr. is a professional entertainment journalist and screenwriter living and working in Southern California.