7 games that need sequels, stat!

It's inevitable: Whenever a good game comes out, everyone wants to know when there'll be a sequel. But not all good games get a second chance, no matter how good or how popular they may have been.

Here now are seven good games that need sequels, and soon! It is our hope that the people who made them — no, scratch that; the people who published them — will read this article and decide to get the balls rolling.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

What was it? Though it was based on the uninspired 2009 movie of the same name, this God of War-esque hack & slash action game was actually way better than the movie thanks, in part, to the fact that it was originally being made as a stand-alone Wolverine game, one based more on the comics, before it was reconfigured to fit the film.

What should the sequel be? We don't mind if X-Men Origins: Wolverine II features Hugh Jackman as the voice of the feral fighter, or Steve Blum, or even Jimmy Carter, we just hope the developers keep to the original's mix of slicin' and dicin', and don't rush it just so it'll be out when the new Wolverine movie hits theaters in 2017.

Too Human

What was it? Much like the Warhammer series, to which it owes a nice lunch at the very least, this action RPG mixed elements of sci-fi and fantasy. Granted it was a somewhat problematic mix, and not everything worked as well as it should — like the death animation, which took forever to complete and couldn't be skipped — but at its core it had solid combat, intriguing places to fight, and told an epic tale.

What should the sequel be? Well, more of the same, really. Except for that death animation; that needs to be way, way shorter. And the game itself, which needs to be longer. Not that it matters, Too Human's middling reviews and unimpressive sales numbers make the idea of a sequel mere wishful thinking.


What was it? A twist on Need for Speed-style racing games, this one had you changing the tracks mid-race by setting off explosives that would not only take out the competition, but they'd also radically change the courses by dropping buildings onto the tracks. In other words, it was like Need for Speed if Michael Bay was the lead designer.

What should the sequel be? As fun as the game was, there needed to be more of it: more tracks, more race types, and more things that go boom. Not that it matters, the studio that made the game is long gone, its employees scattered to the wind like so much debris from an exploded building that collapsed onto a race track….


What was it? An undead first-person shooter with a survival horror twist, this scary and action-packed game — which had the "U" at the end when it was on the WiiU and no "U" when it hit other systems — was basically the zombie mode in Call of Duty meets Resident Evil if you played both on "hard." The kicker? If you died, you came back as another character, and without any of the supplies you were carrying when you kicked the bucket. Even cooler: you could go find your past self, who was now a zombie, kill them, and take back your stuff.

What should the sequel be? Again, more of the same, please. Though I'd make a couple small changes, like giving you a better flashlight, one that actually illuminates the room you're in and doesn’t burn out so quickly. Also, better graphics. Yes, London, where the game was set, is foggy, but this game was so fuzzy I thought every character had lost their glasses.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

What was it? Set during the Clone Wars, right before Revenge of the Sith, this tactical first-person shooter was basically Rainbow Six Vegas…IN SPACE. Playing as a Republic Commando, which is kind of like Navy SEAL version of a Clone Trooper, you shot your way through the galaxy with the aid of two teammates to whom you could issue simple commands: Open that door! Shoot those guys! Get me a latte! That kind of stuff.

What should the sequel be? Given that the expanded universe is all moot now, all we can really hope for is a spiritual successor and not an actual sequel. No matter, we'll happily take Empire Commando if they have it take place during the original trilogy, or First Order Commando if it takes place at the time of The Force Awakens. Just as long as we get to issue simple commands to our teammates while shooting from the first-person perspective, we'll be happy.


What was it? Bar none, Pure was the best arcade-style ATV/off-road racing game ever made. It had spot-on controls, twisted tracks, and an intuitive trick system that — unlike so many extreme sports games — didn't make doing them seem out of character, too easy, or too difficult.

What should the sequel be? Given that this was made by the same people as Split/Second, it's no surprise that it too needs more of the good stuff: more tracks, more race types, and more vehicles. Though, to be honest, its mere existence would be enough.

The Simpsons Game

What was it? A hilarious game that was as fun as it was funny, this had Bart and the rest of the family getting sucked into a video game, and having to make their way through parodies of every genre imaginable to get out. Not only did it have numerous references to the show, but it had just as many spot-on parodies of games and game types.

What should the game be? How about, "Out already." The Simpsons Game came out in 2007, and was a big hit, so what's the hold up? I mean, The Simpsons Movie came out that same year, was just as cool and popular, and its sequel…oh, right. Nevermind.