5 reasons LeChuck from Monkey Island is actually a hero

In our continuing effort to clear the name of some of gaming's greatest villains, it's time to review the record of one of the great classic bad guys in video game history. He's been called the ghost pirate, the zombie pirate, and the demon pirate. We just call him LeChuck. He is the major antagonist of the Lucasarts Monkey Island games, but is he really evil? We don’t think so.

1.    He Died Proving His Love To Elaine

You may not remember this but the reason LeChuck became the"Ghost Pirate" was because he died on a quest to find the Secret of Monkey Island. He wanted to find the Secret as a way to show Elaine Marley how much he loved her. She told him to drop dead. He did as she requested. Isn't that romantic? What sort of villain loves somebody so much that he would die to prove it? 

Some people might call his love "obsessive." We prefer to think of him as dedicated. 

2.    He Tried To Improve Guybrush’s Life

Let’s face it. Guybrush Threepwood is a terrible pirate. He’s just really bad at it. At the end of the second Monkey Island game Lechuck casts a spell on Guybrush that sends him back to his childhood. He becomes a kid, enjoying the Big Whoop amusement park with his parents and his brother Chuckie. What a noble gesture on LeChuck’s part. He gave Guybrush an opportunity to start his life over, so he can make different decisions.

It’s clear Guybrush still remembers everything from his previous life so with that knowledge he’ll be able to be make better choices and grow up and become an accountant or something. Seriously, anything but a pirate.

3.    He Built An Amusement Park

He did. He built a complete amusement park on Monkey Island. Amusement parks are fun and we're big fans here so anybody who builds their own theme park easily qualifies as a hero.

The fact that anybody who rode the roller coaster was turned into an undead minion of the Zombie Pirate Lechuck is a minor quibble. How awesome must that roller coaster have been to actually kill you? That’s one epic thrill ride. Where's the line?

4.    He Was Nice When He Was Human Again (Mostly)

In Tales of Monkey Island LeChuck is transformed back into a human. As soon as this happens his evil tendencies seem to go away. While some LeChuck haters may try and point out that LeChuck still does some things that appear “evil” while he is human, not all of his behavior can be chalked up to a plot. On Floatsom Island LeChuck testifies on Guybrush’s behalf and takes full responsibility for the “Pox of Lechuck.”

(Seriously they were going to blame somebody else for something called the “Pox of Lechuck?”)

If LeChuck was only attempting to trick Guybrush into thinking he was good, surely LeChuck would have let Guybrush go to jail. Getting rid of him would have certainly aided the “no longer a demon pirate” part of his plan. Obviously LeChuck told the truth because as a human he was a hero. 

5.    He Doesn't Let Defeat Stop Him.

LeChuck is killed again and again but whatever happens he keeps on fighting. He's killed the first time and becomes the Ghost Pirate LeChuck. Then he's resurrected and becomes the Zombie Pirate LeChuck. Killed again. Then he transforms into the Demon Pirate LeChuck. Then he becomes human again, then he becomes the Pirate God LeChuck. Again and again he gets blown up (seriously almost every time he dies he explodes) and he keeps coming back. Heroes never quit, it's one of the qualities that makes them heroes.

LeChuck is simply misunderstood. He's just a man in love with a woman who can't stand him. We've all been there. But he doesn’t let that get him down. He goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop until he’s foiled again by the worst pirate who ever lived. We never said he was good at what he did.