21 Hardware Brands To Know

In today's hardware market, it's important to be an informed buyer. If you're building a future-proof PC, you need to know exactly what you're buying. Recognizing specific brand names can speed up your part selection process and it makes it easier to find the parts you need to get the performance you're looking for. Here are 21 of the most well known brands on the market to help get you started.



AMD is known for both their processors and graphics cards. If you're looking to build a PC but don't want to spend $500 for a single part, AMD has you covered. When it comes to sheer performance, AMD rarely trumps their competitors Intel and Nvidia. For the pure per dollar value, however, AMD's products far exceed that of anything else on the market.



Well known for making top of the line processors, Intel is the driving force that pushes the limits on what we thought was possible for CPU performance. Their primary competition comes from AMD's own processor line. They might not be cheap, but if you want the best no matter the price Intel is the place to look.


Nvidia Logo

It's impossible to start a conversation in today's PC gaming world without bringing up the latest and greatest from Nvidia. Their high end graphics cards are advertised as the most powerful in the world and rigorous performance benchmarks prove that they aren't wrong. This performance, however, comes at a cost, and you can expect to pay several hundred dollars more for an Nvidia card than what you would for its AMD counterpart.


A jack of all trades in the PC world, ASUS is well known for producing high-end gaming laptops, motherboards, and monitors. A favorite among the gaming community, ASUS has managed to find a balance between performance and price across the board. Whether you're on a budget or looking to build a monster rig, ASUS has a product that will fit your needs.


Best known for their professional and high performance laptops. Lenovo is fast creating a reputation for themselves as a reliable brand name among gamers with the launch of their most current gaming laptop line. They have a knack for balancing reliability, performance, and affordable prices with their products, which appeals to anyone looking for a high performance laptop for a reasonable price.


Gigabyte makes top of the line motherboards that cater to overclockers. If you want ultimate control over your motherboard you've found the right brand. Additionally they carry a wide range of products in terms of high to low performance. Their lead competitors in the motherboard industry are ASUS and MSI, and if you're in the market for a motherboard be sure to compare between the three to find what best fits your needs.


MSI Logo

Gaming is the singular focus for MSI. They're primarily focused on providing top of the line support for everything that gamers need. From high tech gaming laptops to their own line of innovative motherboards geared towards overclocking, they even work as a manufacturing company with Nvidia and AMD to produce custom versions of traditional graphics cards.


Asrock logo

ASRock is a decent competitor to a lot of high end motherboard manufacturers like ASUS and Gigabyte. They produce a large range of low to high-end motherboards. Despite the fact that they aren't as well known, they produce quality products for affordable prices. If you're on a really tight budget but still looking for a quality board don't be afraid to give ASRock a shot. They might surprise you.


Logitech Logo

Logitech is one of the largest producers of quality peripheral devices in the world. A well known competitor to Razer, they make products that may lack some of the bells and whistles of it's competition, but will outlast it by a decade. If you're looking to invest long term in your mouse, headset, or keyboard, keep an eye on Logitech.



Razer Logo

  You can't sneeze in the gaming world without mentioning Razer. Catering directly to gamers, Razer produces cutting edge products that constantly push the boundaries of gaming mice, headsets, and keyboards. They also offer several laptop and gamer tablet variants geared towards extremely high performance on-the-go play. They tend to be quite a bit more expensive than their competitors, but they make up for it with features


BenQ makes seriously high quality monitors. If you want the best response time, color clarity, and refresh rate, BenQ has you covered. Just be prepared to pay up because BenQ monitors aren't cheap, but their monitors are worth every penny.


corsair logo

A well known manufacturer of quality RAM, power supplies, and cooling units, Corsair has also ventured into the land of gaming peripherals and have already produced several products that focus on extremely high levels of customization and performance.


G.Skill makes high-end desktop RAM exclusively catered towards graphics intensive gaming and overclockers. Their message is simple: they want to give you desktop memory that surpasses that of their competition. They may not be the cheapest on the market, but they'll give you your money's worth.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is a company that is known for making high quality cooling systems that don't cost a fortune. If you're just getting started in the overclocking world, invest in a Cooler Master, they'll keep your CPU cool and help you eke out the true potential of your build, all without the hassle of dealing with melting your CPU. Cooler Master also produces a line of aesthetically elegant computer cases and high wattage PSUs. Their primary competitor is Thermaltake, another company that appeals to the same market.



A manufacturer of both water and air cooling systems, Thermaltake has an excellent selection for novice to intermediate overclockers. They also produce several lines of low to high end PSUs to fit easily into anyone's budget. Additionally if you're looking for a case with a significantly different aesthetic appeal than Cooler Master, you can choose from a wide variety of unique cases that all scream military science fiction.


Seagate logo

Seagate focuses on producing high capacity hard drives both internal and external. They're a hair cheaper than their primary competitors WD and Samsung, and have a company emphasis on creating affordable quality hard drives for everyone.


Despite their success in the world of smart phones, that's not all that Samsung is known for. Although they produce a lot of high quality hard drives their most notable achievement in the hardware world revolves around their Solid State Drives. Although slightly more expensive than some of their competitors in the market, they consistently produce the fastest SSDs available.

Western Digital

Western Digital Logo

Western Digital has a wide variety of drives built for different uses. Whether you're buying a WD Black for desktop use or a WD Red for setting up your own personal in home cloud, WD offers consistently high performance for an affordable price. Western Digital's primary competitors are Seagate and Samsung.


Sapphire is one of the largest distributors of AMD based graphics cards in the world. Sapphire focuses on marketing to a large GPU overclocking crowd and the custom cooling systems equipped on most of their cards reflect this element. Their primary competitor in the AMD market is XFX, but it could also be said that any licensed Nvidia manufacturer such as EVGA, MSI, ASUS, or Gigabyte are just as much competition.


XFX Logo

Although XFX primarily focuses on their line of AMD based graphics cards, they also have an interesting selection of high-end power supplies and a new line of PC cases they've only just revealed. In the past they were an exclusively Nvidia partner, but after they began producing AMD cards, Nvidia terminated their relationship with them.


EVGA is a GPU manufacturer that focuses on Nvidia cards and motherboards to cater specifically to Nvidia builds. EVGA focuses on maximizing performance, and, as a result, offers a large variety of factory overclocked cards in addition to standard Nvidia GPUs. Following this trend, EVGA has already announced two overclocked versions of the Nvidia TITAN X, one of which is already available for pre-order. What's your favorite PC hardware brand? Let us know in the comments below!