2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for gamers that aren’t video games

Do you have a loved one that’s a gamer but they pretty much already own every new game that’s on store shelves? Well, we’re here to help. Here are a handful of items that we’re sure any gamer would be excited to receive.

Destiny 2-branded Razer gear

Now that Destiny 2 is on PC, why not have Destiny 2 gear? Activision and Razer have joined forces to offer a Destiny 2-branded Man O’ War headset, Death Adder Mouse, Ornata Chroma keyboard, and gaming mouse pad.

Call of Duty Dragon Fly Drone

Remember when you were able to call in a drone in Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Well now you can have the real thing! Well, not exactly. This Call of Duty Dragon Fly Drone isn’t equipped with a machine gun or a rocket launcher but does have a 720p camera that can shoot photos and video and has a control distance of up to 150 feet.

Assassin’s Creed-inspired hoodie

The Assassin’s Creed franchise returned this year with a great game in Origins and we’ve been playing it nonstop. Despite some of the franchise’s missteps the last few years, the game’s sense of style has always been top-notch. Or maybe we just love hoodies! This Assassin’s Creed style hoodie has the overlapping lapels, the zipper up the side, and of course a hood to keep that head warm.

Assassin’s Creed pocket watch

To go along with your awesome Assassin’s Hoodie above, you can also accessorize with this Assassin’s Creed Pocket Watch. The watch is a stainless steel Quartz watch that can be worn as a necklace, or loop around your belt loop and kept in your pocket.

Mario hoodie

If you love hoodies, but the retro/nostalgic thing is more your style, why not go for this Mario hoodie?

Mario socks

To add to the Mario hoodie, this 5-pack of Mario socks would complement the retro wardrobe nicely. The socks are 68 percent acrylic, 30 percent polyester, and 2 percent spandex and fits men's shoe sizes 5 to 10. 

Super Mario wallet

To finalize the Mario look, this Super Mario wallet that looks like the original Nintendo cartridge is an excellent addition. Made of faux leather and enough pockets to keep your cash, cards, and ID, your loved one will be the envy of their circle of gamers.

Resident Evil Umbrella umbrella

If you’re on the east coast or mid-west dealing with snow, or if you’re in a coastal city dealing with winter rain, we could all use an umbrella. So if there’s a gamer in your family, this Resident Evil Umbrella umbrella is a real umbrella with the corporation's infamous logo over the top of it would be a great gift!

Fallout Messenger bag

If you’re jumping back into the Fallout world with Fallout VR, this Fallout Messenger Bag looks to be an excellent accessory to your day-to-day journey. Keep in mind, the bag is 14" x 13" x 3" and comes with an adjustable strap.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set

This chess set originally came out five years ago to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter (we’re about to celebrate its 30th!) and apparently there were only 5,000 made. But it looks like there are some left so grab one while people aren’t thinking about it!