18 Injustice 2 premier skins I want to see

One of the more interesting features which NetherRealm brought to Injustice 2 is premier skins, a way to introduce additional playable characters by basically making them reskins of existing characters. While the premier skin characters retain the same movesets as their default counterparts, they have their own distinct voice, visual effects, and a totally different appearance.

There are already a number of premier skins in the game, including a John Stewart skin for Green Lantern and a Mr. Freeze skin for Captain Cold, but with so much superhero lore to drawn from, it's easy to think of more ideas ideas I’d like to see added to Injustice 2 in the future.

Superman – Bizarro, Superboy

Both Bizarro and Superboy would make ideal premier skins for the Man of Steel, mainly because they share the same powers and basic body type. While neither of them has been featured in an Injustice game so far, Bizarro and Superboy did have parts to play in the Injustice prequel comic, so having them show up in Injustice 2 wouldn’t be much of a stretch where lore was concerned. Plus, thanks to the heavy role the Multiverse plays in the Injustice storyline, it's easy to handwave any lore issues that do pop up by explaining a character is from a different universe. 

Robin – Ravager, Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul, Katana

The most obvious picks for a Robin premier skin would be his mother, Talia Al Ghul, or his grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul, since they both trained him in the art of swordplay. However, if NetherRealm wanted to dig a little deeper into the DC roster, Tatsu Yamashiro, a.k.a. Katana, would be another good choice, as would Deathstroke’s daughter Rose Wilson, a.k.a Ravager, since she shares her father’s proficiency with swords but not his penchant for firearms.

Green Lantern – Sinestro

Despite being a playable character in the original Injustice: Gods Among Us, the infamous Yellow Lantern Sinestro sadly didn’t make the cut for Injustice 2. If fans really wanted to see Sinestro make a return, he could easily do so as a premier skin for Green Lantern if NetherRealm didn’t want to waste a DLC character slot on him.

Black Adam – Static Shock, Shazam

Shazam would seem like the ideal choice if Black Adam got a Premier Skin, but Black Adam already has a shader which bedecks him in the iconic Shazam colors, so bringing in an entire premier skin might feel like a bit of a waste. If NetherRealm wanted to throw players a bit of a curveball, the electricity-wielding hero Static Shock might be a better choice, especially since he appears to be a fan favorite as far as potential DLC characters are concerned (and we were all tantalized by the unused render released a month back).

Aquaman – Black Manta

There are strong hints suggesting that Aquaman villain Black Manta will be one of Injustice 2’s DLC roster additions (in addition to his appearance in the area transition seen above), but NetherRealm is known for pulling a fast one on fans at times, so it’s not too hard to imagine that the aquatic villain could just as easily end up being a premier skin for Aquaman. It seems safe to assume at this point that, in one way or another, players will eventually be able to take Black Manta for a spin in the arena.

Green Arrow – Speedy, Arsenal

Green Arrow’s allies Speedy and Arsenal have both worn the mantle of Red Arrow at varying points in their crime-fighting careers, making them ideal picks if the Emerald Archer were ever to get a premier skin of his own. The only reason why this might not happen is, as with Black Adam and Shazam, Green Arrow already has shaders for both the Speedy and Arsenal colors, but that probably wouldn’t stop NetherRealm if the demand was high enough.

Flash – Zoom, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick

Injustice 2 already has a number of playable speedsters thanks to the presence of Flash and his two current premier skins: Reverse-Flash and Jay Garrick. If NetherRealm wanted to further expand that list though, it could easily do so by adding in premier skins for other iconic speedforce users like Zoom, Kid Flash, or Jesse Quick.   

Batman – Azrael

In Batman: Arkham Knight, players could unlock the ability to play as the redeemed vigilante Azrael, a prospect which was somewhat tempered by the fact that Azrael basically functioned as a reskin of Batman with the same basic gadgets and attack combos. However, this also means that, if NetherRealm wasn’t against tapping into Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse for inspiration, Arkham Knight’s version of Azrael could serve as a premier skin for the Dark Knight.

Of course, seeing Azrael utilize the Batwing for his Super Move attack might rub some fans the wrong way. If NetherRealm wanted to give Azrael his iconic sword, he could also work as a premier skin for Robin, something which might be a slightly better fit Super Move-wise.

Doctor Fate – Raven

Much like Sinestro, Raven is another original Injustice character who sadly had to be left behind for the sequel. If fans wanted to see her make a return, she could theoretically work as a premier skin for Doctor Fate since the two are heavy magic users, though Doctor Fate’s Super Move involving the Lords of Order might need some tweaking to make it fit more with Raven’s darker magical arts.

So far the only real supermove adjustments we've seen have been limited to color modifications (as is the case with different Green Lantern shaders) so it's unclear how far NetherRealm might take change things up for a premier skin. 

Cheetah – Beast Boy

If there’s one potential Injustice 2 DLC character who has been requested by fans more than any, it’s the iconic Teen Titan Beast Boy. Chances are good that NetherRealm has been listening to those requests and has already slotted Beast Boy in as one of the main DLC roster additions, but if not he could also serve alongside Vixen as a premier skin for Cheetah.

What Injustice 2 skins do you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.