14 tips for making Sonic Forces fun

Sonic Forces just released to less than stellar reviews. The game has many flaws in its controls, level design, and general pacing. However, diehard Sonic fans will still get a kick out of climbing up the leaderboards by speedrunning every level.

There is some fun to be had in this disappointing game, but only if you know how to compensate for the game’s shortcomings. Here are some tricks for maximizing your fun and minimizing your frustration while playing Sonic Forces.

Don’t Mash The Jump Button

This is by far the most important tip I can give you. The game will put you through many platforming segments with Modern Sonic. Modern Sonic double jumps when an enemy isn’t in range to homing attack, but unfortunately his double jump is shallow. If you mash the jump button, you’ll double jump immediately, vastly reducing your jump height. Be sure to press and hold the jump button for each of Modern Sonic’s jumps, in order to reach your maximum height. You’ll fall down fewer pits this way.

Air Boost To Cover Long Gaps

If you find yourself falling short of a long jump with Modern Sonic, try air boosting. Just tapping the boost button will give you a short air-dash which can help you cover extra distance. Holding it will send Sonic into a prolonged boost that can bypass entire platforming sections.

Stomp To Control Your Landing

Modern Sonic builds a lot of momentum quickly and is hard to stop. He really isn’t built for platforming, yet you are going to have to platform with him nonetheless. Luckily, Sonic can stop his momentum immediately by stomping. This maneuver will send him plummeting immediately to the ground, wherever he may be. If you think you are going to overshoot a platform, stomp to land on it cleanly. If you think you are going to run off the edge of a stage, jump, hold backward, and stomp when you are over safe ground.

Burst In Spurts for More Control 

Toward the end of the game, rails are taken off the sides of Modern Sonic stages preventing you from boosting without flying off the edge into a pit. To remedy this, boost in short spurts. You can turn tightly while not boosting, so lay off the boost on curves and you should be fine. As a rule of thumb, boost when enemies are nearby to instantly kill them and recharge your boost meter, but otherwise run normally.

You Need To Face Enemies You Want To Homing Attack

If you are having issues with the homing attack, you aren’t alone. Modern Sonic and the custom character’s homing attack is much more finicky in Sonic Forces than it is in other Sonic titles. Simply being in proximity to an enemy isn’t enough anymore. Now you have to be facing the enemy you want to homing attack, at least somewhat. The closer you get to an enemy, the less you have to face them, but in general, always hold the control stick toward the enemy you want to attack.

Don’t Forget Your Quick Shift Buttons

If you find that you can’t control Modern Sonic well during long stretches of burst gameplay, you probably aren’t using your quick shift buttons. Pressing the left or right bumper will make Sonic quick step one “lane” over. You can do this by tapping the control stick too, but it’s much more finicky. The same holds true for transferring from rail to rail while grinding. You can do so with the control stick but it’s much easier with the quick shift buttons. Use these buttons to dodge enemy attacks in boost boss fights, and make tight turns that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Change Your Wispon Often

There is usually one or two wispons that are “correct” for any given stage. Long stages that focus on running usually favor the lightning wispon’s light speed dash while vertical stages favor the burst wispon’s multi-jump. Boss stages favor the asteroid wispon’s ability to grant you temporary invulnerability. In general, you always want to switch to the wispon that has the most power-up containers strewn about the level.

Rental Hero Abilities Affect Your Main Character

Even if you never want to switch to them, always bring a rental avatar into custom character levels. Their passive abilities will affect your character, even when they are in standby. This allows you to stack up to six abilities on one character. This is very useful especially if you can find a rental hero with mobility or invulnerability abilities.

Don’t Let Wisps Go To Waste

While the temptation to play only as your custom character is strong, be sure to switch to your rental hero if only to pick up their corresponding wisps. These off-color wisps do absolutely nothing if you don’t have the correct wispon equipped. So you might as well make the best of them by loading up both characters’ wispons. You’ll find you can chain wispon abilities this way, allowing you to easily speedrun otherwise tricky stages. For example, you can save a burst wispon charge for multi-jumping over a particularly tricky platforming segment.

Use All Of Your Abilities For Easy Mission Completion

Completing missions is your key to unlocking new wispons and costume parts. Luckily, many missions are simply tutorials and achievements. You can get several easy unlocks simply by using every ability at least once. That means remembering to slide with Modern Sonic, drop-dash with Classic Sonic, and to try out every wispon at least once.

Many Bosses Need To Complete Cycles Before They Can Be Hit

If you have no idea how to damage a boss, just wait. Most non-boost bosses are locked into cycles. For example, Zavok will pound the ground and you will immediately go into a quick time event that let you homing attack him. Just wait for the homing attack reticle to show up and you’ll be fine. Boost bosses are also locked into cycles so don’t waste your boost between them. Finally, Classic Sonic bosses are often defeated by knocking back black rocks at a background enemy, and these too only come in cycles.

Try All Your Attacks on Bosses

Bosses actually do have weakness. Some take extra damage form homing attacks. Others take extra damage from certain sorts of wispons. Try out all your attacks until you find the one that makes the boss’ HP melt.

You Need To Play On Hard To Record Your Time

The normal and hard modes in Sonic Forces are actually easy and normal modes respectively. You can’t even get on a leaderboard if you don’t play on hard mode. So don’t bother trying to speedrun levels unless you have this mode turned on. All it hard mode does is make you lose all your rings instead of a portion of your rings when you get hit. You might as well play on this mode from the start.

Pay Attention To S.O.S. Goals

Finally, note that different color S.O.S. missions require you to play stages in different ways. It’s not enough to beat the stage, you also have to fulfill the S.O.S. goal to complete the mission and get your rewards.

Those are all the tips we have for you today. Get out there and earn some Sonic Forces speedrunning records. Or… you know… just play Sonic Mania again.